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I have heard a thumping sound once about a month ago, but the air conditioner was working. It would only work on high. Today, I felt a little air on my feet, but other wise it doesn't blow or cool the car now.
The rear AC motor does not run
My car ticks like a loud clock when idling.
Currently, my car is making a strange ticking sound and I don't know why.
Please help me
My car is making a ticking sound.- Usertesting
Every time my car is on idle there is a constant ticking sound coming from the engine. Anyone know what may be causing this?
No check engine light or smoke
How much would it cost to change the radiator on my 2006 Nissan Armada
It's hard to take off but once get going it drives fine and at light is on what could this be
My truck runs but wen it gets hot it spudders but the car stays running but I have no throttle but it comes in an out meaning I push the gas but it won't accelerate an then I'll suddenly get power n lose it I have to shut the car down for at least 20 min or so just for it to be able to drive fine I've already replaced the batt like three time just changed the alternator n I still have the problem
Is there anything special other than just changing the rotor that needs to be done? Like changing some sort of sensor?
Same bulbs work for turn signals and hazards.
I clean carburetor check engine lite is on
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