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I've checked the hoses from the heater control valve and both ends are hot. Coolant levels are fine and trucks temp is in normal operating range. What could cause this?

my abs will not let my car move

how much cost to repair the front differential leaking?

I have had stiff steering at low speed, it was diagnosed at the local Nissan dealer as needing a new rack and pinion. I replaced the rack and pinion myself as well as the power steering pump just to be safe, and I still have the same problem. I was wondering if there is some part of the traction control systems that could be at fault causing this problem?

All of the fuses at the glove box are good and there is no information about the relays and fuses behind the battery at the fire wall. Not sure which relay/fuse I should be looking for.

I had got into an accident in 2013 on a snowday. I ran over stack centerblock that was covered by snow and it tore the splash plate off in misaligned the bumber. Later I had discovered that my radiator was cracked and it had blew my transmission. I had the transmission replaced at Cottman's transmission and when they completed the repair and test drove the SUV, they notified me that the head gasket was blown. The repair cost for the transmission was about $6,000 and I couldn't afford to have the head gasket replaced at that time. My question is would that repair shop have knowledge of the head gasket being blown before completing the transmission repairs? Also the vehicle has about 145,000 miles so what other componets should I expect to replace while getting the gasket work completed (i.e. timing belts and water pump, piston rods, etc). Thank you.

When i was told the brakes were shaking while cornering, i took it for a test drive and no shaking during hard braking. But when braking during a left turn the brake light came on as a grinding noise was herd. I inspected the brakes but found no appearant problem. Could this be a strut or tie rod problem?

Code 0420/0421-catalytic converter showed up. How do I clear this without Replacing converters (2).
Would a new gas cap help? Need immediate response please.
must pass inspection

My front wheel stablizer bar within 3 mths of already fixing issue has bent again and same brackett is loose on the passenger side. When I make left u turns it makes a rubbing noise as if two metal objects are twisting while touching front wheel right passenger side.
Also when I went to autozone the code P0430 came up. Catalyst converter and transmission fluid

Was using ac this morning going to work and the fan just stopped blowing air. The a\c is on and I feel faint cold air coming out of the vents but no fan at all.


it mainly acts up in the morning or when cooler outside

How to regiater tpms id with the maxidas ds708 scanner .so the light will become close.

I have had this problem for a while. The dealer told me it was a blow out door or something to that effect. I can be driving and all of a sudden I hear this tapping noise. It occurs when I stop the engine sometimes and when I turn the a/c on. It sounds like it's right behind the dash. I still hear the tapping noise and in addition, it sounds like some paper or leaves or something is stuck and just flapping behind there. What could this be? Thanks!

Step by step instructions and labor time to replace my starter on my 2005 Nissan Armada?

When I start the SUV, it doesn't air up, so it rides awful.

had battery checked twice and it is good. once the car is jumped and restarts it runs fine.

Service engine light is on and it's not the gas cap is the purge valve something I can fix myself or do I have to bring my truck to mechanic

i need to replace the ac resistor. is it the only 4wire connection under glove box next to blower motor? is not where is it located does any one have a pic

Need help asap

the transmission is going bad, can nissan dealership replace it for free