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Basically I think it could be my crank shaft positioning sensor or my tps? I have more details but wont bore you with all of them right away...
Ac blows cold, but is making noises when parked, and stop and go driving. No noises when I'm driving in higher gears.
When MAF hooked up no start
When putting the car in reverse it made a clunk noise, tried a couple more times with same noise. I also noticed the 'service engine' light was on. Later in the day, didn't make the noise, however light still on.

Went to leave work couple days later, took couple attempts to get it started, when pressing gas pedal to the floor would only do about 20 mpg, after driving a little ways it finally started picking up speed.
Starts working after playing with buttons
Sometimes my shifter gets stuck trying to switch from park to drive or vice versa.
Park my car shut it off break Light won't go off.
Is intermittent noise, clanking type sound. Sounds like chain clanking
Engine turns over but won't crank or start.
Do i use regualar or premium gas
Need to check ac compressor has no power
once a while it occurs
This has happened twice in 10 yrs. First sat in car listening to radio, got out car and locked it. Came out and had to use key to get into car. Staring wheel turned upside down and car would not crank. Had to jump off to crank car. 2nd time sat in car and noticed key light flashing for about 40 min. got out locked car. Came back in 30 minutes and had to use actual key to get in car. Staring wheel upside down again and could not crank, like dead battery had to jump off again.
Air conditioning is only blowing hot air. Where is the clutch sensor and relay located for the compressed?
The car will start and shift into all gears, but when you shut the car off the steering wheel will not lock no matter how far I turn it and the key will not complete the last turn to be removed from the igintion
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