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Check engine light on drives real ruff

Rear End Suspension
Have a 2003 Altima 2.5 SL with 224K miles well maintain over the years. Last year replaced shocks & springs assembly. When riding over bump feels like no shocks & it appear the rear may have dropped compared to front which I replaced same time. Any thoughts on rear suspension?
Two days ago I replaced the front passenger side strut/shock assembly on my '01 nissan altima which, up until then, the car started up like clockwork. When I went to test drive vehicle upon completion of the project, it wouldn't start at all. All the lights come on when I turn the key but no turnover or response from starter at all. I thought perhaps I may have accidentally knocked loose the electrical harness for some wired connection to that affect. After checking and confirming all connections I still get nothing in terms of turnover and starting but when the key is left in on position, there is a rapid ticking, like a timer, coming from what seems to be the fluid pan.
i can feel the car shanking while foot is on the brakes not really bad but enough that me and my friends can feel it
I've changed my sensor three times in two years. I didn't know it was recalled! But when I go to Nissan website and enter my vin it does not pop up with this recall. Doe that mean my car doesn't get the recall?
What could have caused it. My thermostat is good.
when i first start it smoke will boil out. after it warms up it will stop. sometimes it will clatter. losing oil somewhere but not water
Abs constantly goes off, no indicator lights are on at all, even in the driving process abs going off, have cleaned then changed wires, it is not sensors, its a deeper issue anyone know what the problem is?
Can someone please tell me where I would find the fuse that controls the power outlets on a 2007 Nissan Altima? The one in the dash compartment has not worked since we bought the car. Now, the one in the center console has quit working. We've checked both the fuse box inside the car on the drivers side and the one under the hood, but can't figure out which one it would be. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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