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My car recently started blowing hot air when I turn on the AC. I have a gauge and so I decided to check pressure on the line. My gauge only reads the low side. The pressure on the line was approximately 120 psi @ 71 degrees. Way too much!
The last time I had a problem similar to this my compressor was causing reverse pressure on the lines and I had to have it replaced. Before I fork out money that I don't have to have a mechanics shop to do a repair, I'd like to know what problem I could be facing and if it's possible to vacuum the line and refill with the hopes that it may solve my problem. (Long shot I know...) Any info about this would be helpful. Thanks!
Hi Guys. I just bought a 2003 Nissan Altima SL 2.4L engine 2 months back with 102000 miles on it for $5500. have driven 3000 miles on it. Last week, my service engine soon light turned on and it has remained on for the last 10 days. Went to my local mechanic. He checked the error code, did something called a smoke test and told me that i need a new charcoal canister, vent control valve, vent bypass valve and purge valve. and gave me an estimate of $1200. I don't want to spend so much money on my Car. Any help/suggestions?

The error codes are listed below: - P0455, P1448, P0441, P1456.

Any suggestions of good mechanics who can do it cheaper? Please help.
Check engine light came on and I took it to Auto Zone. When they scanned it, the code p0456 was given. What does that mean and how do I fix it without taking it to the dealership. Thanks.
It turns over but want start.
I recently changed out the valve cover and all gaskets because I notciced oil in 2 spark plug tubes. After I put everything back together and started the engine it sounds like a clicking noise on the driver side area of the valve cover ? What could this be misfire ? Something else? Please help 'thanks
36 days ago the valve cover leaked. I installed new valve cover gasket( outer only, and not seals for spark plug tubes because I didn't know they were imbedded into the actual cover). I also installed brand new spark plugs and ignition coils/boots as well. The car had to be used for my spouse to get to work soon. I then made my own seal around the spark plug tubes with Black RTV liquid gasket maker as a temporary solution until I could afford to buy a new 'valve cover' which had the seals imbedded. The 2 tubes started leaking about a week after the installation.
I now have the new cover and outer gasket. Do I have to purchase and replace the somewhat already new spark plugs and ignition coils? She has drive about 1500 miles since that repair was made. Do I have to buy new plugs and ign coils? Or can I clean the somewhat new ones up and re-instal?
Car won't start at times, my husband replaces the valve cover and spark plugs.. It didn't start again then white smoke was coming out of my muffler then stopped after driving it home about 12 miles from where it broke down.. It starts perfectly at times and at times it just won't start please help
I'm getting a scrubbing sound if I press down hard on the brakes.
The car did sit for a few weeks before purchase. It turn over and does not "drag" but takes plenty attempts brfore starting
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