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The noise started earlier this year (I brought the car new in 2009). I can hear the clunking/ knocking noise sometimes when I am driving, but I hear it mostly when I stop. The dealer said it’s my car cooling down (exhaust), but the knocking noise is louder than just a car cooling down. Plus, I am just hearing the noise this year. Within the first year of me buying my car there was a recall for the front upper strut insulators which I had replaced at the dealership. I now have 35,220 mileage.

It has gotten louder in the last couple of days.

I have changed the fuel pump, fuel filter, and plugs. What else do I need do so the car will start without me patting the gas pedal?

Week ago i have change the Inner and outer tie rod, driver front strut, passenger front and rear transmission mount but rattling noise still there even on small bumbs also just on service road, Mechanic told doing all this should make the noise go away, now i'm facing another noise when ever i start my car there's some kind loud noise i can hear from desk board sounds like transmission but when i open the hood i don't hear that noise, i ask the mechanic he told me sound like Timing Guide could be bad, it's goes away when i drive long period of time but when i restart the car it's come back. Any Suggestion.

i have a 2003 nissan altima v6 with 157,000 miles and just started making a knocking noise when cranked and i'm afraid to drive it maybe resulting in more serious prolbems..could you please help me?

A squealing noise from the engine belt when started.

fuses and relays box location and diagram

Will it fit?

my car is an feels like it is stuck in 3rd gear but the RPM is reading correct where it should be in 4th and it reads that it is switching in all gears but the car sounds and feels like it is driving in low any suggestions on what i shoud check?

I have a 2003 Altima and I had it diagnosed at Autozone. They said I have a vacuum leak.

level oil transmation is ok

They're rattling loudly, all the time. They are def.gone


Engine oil type

I have a 2005 Nissan Altima, and would like to get an estimate for the front Windshield replacement, can any one provide a reputable Auto Glass Shop who is not a cut throat price, in the 19701 zip code area?

headlights dont stay onat night time when i unlock the car

what does it mean

My altima (standard shift) lacks power and it stalls while the air conditioner is running. It idles great but after running for a while and after using the A/C it gets very low on power while taking off and dies sometimes. I will push flat on the gas pedal and it goes no where for about 5-10 seconds but later catches up.

brake lights only turn off when battery is disconnected

lights only go off by disconnecting battery

It has a recall on it and I live three hours away from the nearest shop.

I went to Autozone and they checked the collant but said it was full.

my ac only blows hot air. It is full of freeon (ever how you spell that). Is there a easy fix that I can DIY?

I've replaced recently the catalytic converter, spark plugs, coil #2, and did a fuel injection. No one can seem to find the problems. Any help would be great.

the wire that was damaged was replaced as well - happened on 8/11 - paid $474 for damaged wire - same day service engineer soon light came on - took back - now being told 1400-1500 for repair - can't understand how and why this happend and wasn't caught with first repair?

this happen like a year ago,and ever sence still the same,what could be.

I replaced the spark plugs and coils and my 2004 nissan altima 2.5 wont start, battery seems fine, it started before i replaced them, any ideas?

when put in park it makes a funny clicking noise and i have to put the ER brake on because park wont engauge, when put in other driving gears it will not go. I have not had any problems prior to this. i do have a diagnostic machine and i can read some of the codes. but im thinking it maybe be the linkage and not sure if that shows if i put my machine on it or not.


Check engine soon light is on. I just had oil change and in 3 days, it needed 1/2 quart of oil. Never had this problem before.