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every once in a while when I start the car it make a hard rattle then goes away after it is started. It idles smooth and no noise while it's running only when I start it.
It was leaking antifreeze out of a sensor and the mechanic fixed it, but now it won't start and he says that I got the motor to hot even though the temperature gauge never went over normal.
During the freezing rain it seemed like wheels were frozen. Car would not move although passenger side front wheel spun. When it got warm, car still would drive in reverse. Thought brakes were locked but mechanic said not. He doesn't know what's wrong. Transmission?
To lay down the situation
• battery is good
• starter is good
• Nuetral safety switch is good
They've all been tested and they work fine
The problem has to be from the key switch to the starter, right?
power windows roll down when the car is off, the car has no codes the dealer tell me that need to reprogram the fob/key but still doing it I also but a new key
I do have a oil leak could this be a problem?
Skips from park to drive. Shifts hard, almost seems to hesitate from 1st to second.
Car was throwing code p0303 which said consisted of cylinder 3 I changed the spark plug for that cylinder still did it. Then I took the coil off of cylinder 2 and swapped it with cylinder 3 hoping it might throw the code to cylinder 2 once I cleared the codes. But after clearing codes its throwing p0300 and so I put the coil back at the original location hoping it would go back to only throwing code p0303 but it's throwing p0300 now and that's it. Don't have a ton of money to try this and that just wandering if anyone has had this issue and could help me. Thanks Alot
Backfires and wont move in drive or reverse.seems to choke out and dies.Very rough idleing then motor stops
I suspect it could be PCV valve.
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