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It runs rough at idle speed between around 600-800 RPM but its in regular intervals. sometime the engine lamp show and acording to our OBD2 reader it misfires,(P0300). I checked the sparkplugs and it seems to go lean? See this picture: . Any Ideas?


who ever had thecar before cut out the back deck and i need a new one

Nissa Altima 2003 2.5 How I can repair it? I already bought the part I just need to know where it is and how to do it?

engine starts shaking once in a while most of the time when coming to a stop. Ane the service engine light starts blinking.

Seems to lose all power when going up even small hills. Doesn't happen when engine is cool, only at normal operating temps. Tranny is downshifting. I have replaced coil, cap/rotor, contril module. Any suggestions?

I was running my car without coolant just filling it with water, but when i filled it with coolant till the top of the collant bottle, next day when i open and see teh coolant bottle it was till half of the bottle only then i took my car to mechanic then he said thermostart needs to be changed and he charged $100, what could be the real problem and did he charged much for what he did

Car stored in garage...excellent condition. No outward signs of deterioration where water can enter doors, but got heavy downpour...started hearing water slosh on passenger door. Next day I ran my finger between rubber gasket on bottom of door and water poured out of holes in bottom of passenger door. What's up? No visual evidence of any problem upon close inspection. Concerned of what damage can be done by this problem beside rusting.

I add fluid at least once per week.

Im trying to remove a front tire ,but one of the studs spun out of the hub ,and i cant get the lug nut off because it just spins,I tried to take off the whole hub and tire but the hub i guess is pressed into the spindle,how can i get it out?

I changed the thermostat . Still the lower hose is ice cold.

My starter made a noise when cranking so i replaced it,the new starter did the same thing immediately, so i thought it was defective so i replace it. Now less than 1 day, less than 10 starts, it is making the same noise again. What could this be?? Help & thanks in advance.

why is this not working?

replacement of transmission filter and transmission oil

I can drive about a half mile, then the oil light comes on. I wait five minutes and start to drive, then it happens again? What could cause this?

TRANSMISSION ISSUE: There is an "issue" with the automatic transmission. If you have a knowledge of transmissions, this could be any easy fix. It seems that the "D" gear in the transmission does not want to engage. You can start moving forward in D2, and then when you get to 3500 rpm, you can shift into drive.

I am planning to buy a car, the transmission changed back in 2008 on 54,800 miles. Right now car does not have any problem and I am buying on 78,638 miles. Will it be going to create any future transmission problem later on? If you provide me some details that will be great. Thanks.

Autozone says the battery is good

I replaced the engine and now won't crank, no fire at the spark plugs.I checked all the wires and everything is in place,olso replaced the crank sensor and still no firing. Is that my computer?.

what are most common problems after factory coverage expires w/ this car?

need to trace wires to computer from trans harness

how do i install a new water pump.

02 Altima 2.5 4 cylinder. There is oil in my 3rd and 4th spark plug well. The engine will not turn over. When it was running it burned oil very quickly, about a quart per week. The oil smells like gas. Is there anything I can do to fix this and get it running again?

only one headlight work. the problem is not in lens or wiring.

I was just quoted $1,650 to replace the starter due to the fact that the transmission had to be removed to do the job.

The car runs fine. I did have the oil checked and it was a quart or 2 low. The light is still on after filling up the oil. What is necessary?

the car feels like it is vibrating when the brakes are applied and we just had the brake pads repaired.

Someone said it could be the reostat switch.Does anyone have any ideas and how do you get to the switch?

I replaced the waterpump and the thermostat. hoses are good. It's as if there is no water in the hose leading to the thermostat. It acts as though it isn't opening. The engine acts like it's going to overheat. I was given advice to put the car on an incline, set up a reservoir with fluid in it leading to the overflow outlet next to the cap, turn the car on and the heater on high. This is to remove any air trapped i n the line, I made sure the heater control valve was open also. Nothing has worked. Does anybody have any suggestions at all?

What could be the sound ? There are no engine codes.

No sound or movement when pushing the button to vent or open. I tried the steps in the manual to reset, but did not work. Is there an easy way to trouble shoot?