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Got a hair bow stuck in it
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Can't insert key
My 2000 Nissan Altima,I put a new alternator on I hook the battery cable on wrong, now it won't crank just turn over,an my horn ,a.c.,power door an window interior lights won't work
Its only been that way for 1day.
I hear a whine and the service engine light came on and stayed on. There is also a little jerking when I accelerate. I took it to an advance store and they gave me a diagnostic code 845 a
No check engine light. No codes come up in computer. If I give it too much gas the transmission doesn't want to change out about 40 MPH. Going up hills, I can be driving 60 MPH and it will bog down to 20 MPH and start jerking. I replaced the catalytic converter and it didn't fix the problem. It does use about a quart of oil during oil changes. 2010 Nissan Altima 4 cylinder
When rpms reaches 1000 the engine cuts off. Initially I was unable to start car. Replaced spark plugs and air filter. Now car starts but cuts off as described.
When the car is warm and you shut the vehicle off it will not start again until it cools and very difficult to start then, like its not getting fuel if it starts at all.
Smoke come out from the muffler
Transmission will not engage. Mechanic recommends replacement of alternator and battery because it could affect performance of the transmission.
Cost to replace muffler and tailpipe 2008 Nissan altima
Car is sluggish no power espealiy when a/c turned on
Step on gas stuters a minute then slowly acts like normal till step on to pass. Fuel pump just changed . Not sure if it is fuel pressure regulator or what . Timings going to be changed once I get funds . Cause of mileage so it water/oil since is all kit but it's gas I'm working on now. Idea to what could be . Disabled need car running
If you bypass the starter it will crank but still will not come out of park unless you manually shift it with a little push button on the shifter any clue what the problem is
It was all of a sudden no signs or symptoms came out of store and it wouldn't crank or start and is stuck on park all the lights come on when i turn the car key to accept but when i turn it to start it the lights all turn off on the dash board
Basically I think it could be my crank shaft positioning sensor or my tps? I have more details but wont bore you with all of them right away...
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