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While I was driving my 2008 Altima Hybrid the VDC light came on as well as a red exclamation point in a circle. It then felt really hard to accelerate. I pulled over and shut the car off and it went away but then happened again a few moments of driving. I then turned it iff for about 10 minutes and then drove it to the garage with no issues. The garage scanned it and said it's an issue with the hybrid system and that they don't deal with that. I called the dealership and they can't get me in for 5 days. I don't have another car so I'm trying to gage how bad this is, any advice would be really appreciated.
2010 Nissan Altima Hybrid. Engine shuts off and engine service sign appears and hybrid battery needle reach max position while driving on highway passed 60 mph and car is enables to move forward until some time then I have to restart the car and drove slowly as long as the battery needle stays at middle position. What can cause this?
It occurs almost every time at 70 mph
Antifreeze smell from exhaust seems to go away after running car for a while

Sometimes after driving, when I put my car I. Reverse, the hybrid system warning light will come on, then it will stay on. If I turn the car off for about 10 seconds, it turns off. The pictographs on my dashboard is a red car with an exclamation point inside.
When I drive the car in the city it last around 90 minutes and in the freeway 30 minutes before a few lights comes on.... VDC, red Hybrid light, check engine light and the car automatically changes to Hybrid mode and stays there.... So the Hybrid battery starts to drain... 2, 3 minutes later no acceleration nor power .... Car dies.... Because it didn't change to gas in order for the Hybrid battery to charge.... Do any of you guys have any clue which part is the problem?? Thanks for your help!!!
My well-maintained 2008 Nissan Altima Hybrid has 113K on it and never had any issue until three weeks ago when it started shaking - running on hybrid mode was fine but idling was rough. It was towed to an AAA-approved local shop which got codes from car at no cost to me (P1195, P0AC4, P0204, P0203, P0202, P0201,P2135,P0451, and P0300) but declined to service car due to lack of information to diagnose properly. The car at this point could not even start. It was towed a Nissan dealer from whom the car was purchased. The dealer replaced brake switch to get car started and recommended a hybrid specialist to review car - their hybrid mechanic was on leave and thus not available. The car was towed to another dealer about 20 miles away, who has the hybrid computer replaced and found multiples codes: C1259, C1310, and P0A0F, P1195, P0201, 202, 203, 204. By this time the car could start but with shake so much that idling was not possible. The dealer has performed power testing to each injectors and all tested good, but coils and fuel pressure have not been tested. Hybrid battery dropped voltage during testing - a confirmed failure that I could have it replaced under warranty. At this point I have spent close to $2000 with little progress in fixing this car. With the dealer unable to provide any assurance that a fix is imminent, I have finally decided to tow the car back home to decide what to do with it.
It said to replace the battery and I did and the check engine light is still on how do I turn it off
how do you know when to change the oil
i have tried replaced the battery in the key remote, inserting the key into the key port, and even replacing the key remote to no change at all
Is there any advice regarding driving inhot weather above 110?
what is the most common problems with these cars
It used to switch to the Gas motor at around 35mph now it does it right away when you step on the Gas or even after a few seconds while on idle. When it goes to Gas it makes a loud rumbling sound and the entire engine shakes a little. When it's on Gas it also rumbles a bit when you slightly step on the Gas. Anyone know what could be wrong? If I step on reverse while in Gas, no sound no matter how fast I try to go, only seems to be a problem going forward. No sound when a press on the Gas far enough and the engine runs smooth. It only happens when you apply a little gas does seem to matter how fast I'm going.
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