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I have a 4x4 and just wondering if it can fit a 2wd transmission

could be a fuel problem. just bought and am using regular fuel

I've just rewired the incoming positive cable because engine would dte; now the lights go off.

Changed alternator on my 2ooo xterra v6 4x4 now it wont shift gears .i was told it was in limp mode .how do i get it out of it

the wouldn't accelerate pass 20 miles after stop then it would increase to 40 miles but no faster. i've let it sit for a few days and now want go pass one mile. I stopped at an auto store for diag. test and the man said it was code p1778 control sensor module

So I gave her a tune up; new wires, cap, rotary button, oil, oil filter and fuel filter. What else an I do before I start bringing to a mechanic cause my worries are that it's the cats and I don't want it to mess up worse if I can fix something simple now, sugesstions?

I would like to buy this kind of car and would like to know

Just happend this week does not appear to affect anything else. Brakes work but abs does not and truck will not engage in 4WD

i was told the TCU in my Xterra is bad but i have no idea what it looks like or how to order a new one.

Are there other people with this more recent Juke, same starting problem?

how much will cost me labor & parts to put up a used transmission with 21,000 miles in to my Nissan Sentra 2013

Feels like it's hard to go over 40mph

Usually it reads 80000 but then sometimes it appears to be just zeros accross and they are half sized.....display malfunction or some kind of warninh

How much would it be to fix

after the car starts I can easily with no noise put it into any gear but it won't move.

Replace the battery with new battery now the power cable connecting to the battery on the positive side does not have power in one of the cables either the fuel injection or the alternator cable how do I replace and for how much. Call him to have a reset button can I locate a safety shut off or reset shut off button for fuel pump

And more press down on the accelerator the sound got worst than it stop than i put in park the motor sound different and the tire wasn't low either

Multiple cylinder misfire, cam position actuator A over adv. timing bank 1&2. Idles bad, no power, almost stalls. Changed oil multiple times, try and keep oil full, but started guzzling oil like crazy. Just not sure where to start repair wise. I know about vehicle repair, just not this car

my TCM unit is not working will this unit i found work?

my windshield wipers stopped working while it was raining. i can hear the motor turning something but it doesn't grab the wipers. any ideas?

It happened about 2 yrs ago, and it is doing it again now. It just won't start. Battery and starter and everything else seems to be okay. It started last week and now it is doing the same thing again

Where is the 2010 nissan pathfinder starter relay location

need sizes of fuses or relays for RAD fans in large and smaller boxes

Alternator is putting out 14 to 15 amp but the battery is only receiving 12.6 the alternator was tested separately

It was driving fine and when I sat in park for a few minutes and then started to drive again it would only go 10 mph

Can any parts off of a 95 Nissan pickup fit a 89

Looking at a maxima to buy but owner says it needs to be reprogrammed for it to run. Is that expensive and worth fixing.

came from those black boxes attached to the positice cable at the battery.i have power to light headlights and wipers but truck will not!!1

Problem just started today I stopped to put gas and now its just not turninh back on

The number one cylinder does not fire . Checked coil pack , wire loam , fuel presser ect.