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Light is located on dash.
It won't start all the sudden. Checked fuel pump be it's turning over, it works. Has good battery and new cables. Battery won't stay
2012 Armada with climate control blows cool air unless set at 90. At 90 it is max hot blowing out.
It will start after 2 or 3 tries and runs fine after it starts already replaced fuel pump because it acted like a loss of fuel pressure.
Air blowing cold, no problems with it ever.Driving home on Interstate, air goes from cold to hot. Turned it off, waited a couple of hours, still blowing hot. What could it be?
I just bought a 99 Quest with a 3.3 and 130,000, how would I tell if the timing belt was already replaced?

Thank you!!!
When I pull off in 1st gear my engine stalls and shut off. It only does it in 1st and 2nd gear. Can someone please tell me what can cause this to happen?
Sometimes i'll go to start my 2005 Nissan Xterra turn the key and I get absolutely no sound and car won't start. I have checked the battery cables, they are fine. This does not happen all the time only sumtimes!
Sometime my AC takes 20 minutes to blow cold air. I took to the dealer they said everything checked out fine
Anyone else have this issue
The heater and defrost in my Nissan Armada 2011 blows only cold air and the rear heater blows hot air as it should
The noise only starts once the air has been on for a while. Turn it off and back on runs for a while then might or might not happen again
Replaced head gasket put every thing back fired up ran fune in idle went ti drive xut out rough idle when in gear driveing got ti the end of the block temp started to climb parked back in my drive way started ti smoke white out of exhaught shut tryck off know wont start
I know it’s a safety switch because this has happened three other times and I got started each other done by repeatedly shifting from neutral to park. It’s been almost an hour And that hasn’t worked yet
Battery good
Terminals tight
Engine cranks normal

If I wait a while it starts and runs normally
no noise from engine
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