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at first it had a gas leak so we replaced the injectors and seals it got a spark plug and a boot kit it also got a intake gasket. when i went to bring it home from the shop it poured out sometihng white out of the ail pipe but then suddenly went away. now it idles rough between 1500 to 3000 rpm bouncing bck and forth constantly making as its lugging out the engine. anyone know why??? or what could be wrong?

car has been starting fine cold, then after a few errands, struggles. now starts, but shuts down. 1986 nissan 300zx

I have a 90 300zx NA 5spd and it is running horribly. The engine randomly misses and even back fires on occasion. The check engine light flashes on sometimes but for the most part it is not on. The things I have done to try and fix this is replace the injector connectors since they were corroded badly, replace couplers on intake to make sure there was no air leaking. I only put top quality oil and gas in my car and all maintenance is up to date. It seems when it rains the problem gets considerably worse, so whatever is causing it must be effected by humidity. When we replaced the connectors we had return voltage from all 6 injectors and the problem is more prevalent at low rps (2500-3500 rpms) but some days it does not act up at all and others it is almost underivable. Also it seems to act up when you floor it and let off the gas a little with out shifting. That is as detailed as I can get, I am out of ideas to fix this problem. Anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

my 300 lights dont work terms.brake lights,dim lights dash lights but the brights work replaced switch no luck. think it might be a relay please help me

My car overheated today for the first time. It was coming from the top radiator hose. The overflow bottle was filled above the max line (not my doing). However, the hose was bone dry. My temperature gauge goes from 120-270 degrees F, and the needle usually stays in the central to high temperatures area, and it bounces around sometimes. Also, I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it, but no matter how hot the temperature gauge says my car is, the heater takes forever to heat up.

(Manual Trans) When I put my car in reverse and start to ease off the clutch, you hear this loud thumping noise. If I try going too fast its almost as if the transmission tries popping back into neutral. And if I hold the shifter in gear it grinds. I have no idea how long its been doing this because I bought it this way (only about a month ago, and yes I knew about it but it seems to be getting worse). If the problem is in the transmission I want to get it fixed before any of my forward gears start going out. I desperately need answers! HELP!

i smell gas by the driver side door the most also it makes a strange noise like something is loose sounds like that noise is coming from the front of the engine

hello i have a 1990 300zx n/a 2 seater. the car dosent crank over and there are no interior lights or headlights or anything and i have voltage at the battery and at the starter, any suggestions?

hi im having a smoke test only and replsced all my other parts such as cats,o2 sansors,egr valve,does the cannister play important role here? nissan 300zx 93'

90 300 zx auto shifts fine in the morning,crisp thru all gears. Intermintently,starts out in 2 gear and wont up shift. Recently rebuilt trans,less than 2,000. miles. Fluid good, 104,000 odm, issue started shortly after new inj and tps replced and collant bypass.No codes obd

Engine sputters and has no power regardless of RPM or speed. I changed the plugs and checked the air box. This car has 335,000 km on it but when it runs it runs great. High octane is always used. All hoses seam to be in good condition, no carcks. What could it be?

I will turn the key and push the clutch in but it will not try to turn over. There is a tab on the clutch that hits a button and I think that is the problem. The battery is good bcz everything lights up. Any answers ?

i have an 86 300zx that wont idle. ive checked the timing, not it. it also sputters and wants to die when im at a lite. smells hot but the temp is ok

All was working yesterday and turned off car in driveway and it sounded light antenna quite while going down (don't know because antenna is broken). Went out to car this morning and reading lights don't go on, radio has no power and my airbag light is on! Is it a fuse or something bigger?

When I turn the ignition key it momentarily does nothing and then the engine turns over normally and starts. This occurs intermittently. My concern is that one day I'll turn the key and it won't start at all. Problem started about a week ago and seems to be happening more frequently as time goes on.

I just got this 1990 Nissan 300zx It will not roll in reverse. I start it put it in reverse and it will not go. I even turned the key on and put it into nutral to try and push it backward and it still would not roll in reverse. I can start it and put it in Drive and it drives forward fine but it will not go in reverse. What do you think the problems is??? Please help!!! what should I do????

where are the spark plugs located on a1990 300zx?

I can only drive about 15 minutes in normal weather without my car overheating and I know it is because I have to change the thermostat. How do I change the thermostat? There are many things in the way of the thermostat, including something near it with a gasket that I do not want to touch. what do I have to do?

my 300zx dashboard lights wont go on... does anyone know what the problem is???

Just bought the car and on the third drive it made a thumping sound at 45 mph that only lasted a second or so. Didn't make the sound before 45 mph or after. Sounded like it was coming from the rear. Haven't driven it since. Drove it twice before and it didn't make this noise. (kind of sounds like when you run over the rumble strip on the highway). Thx.

How do you adust the steering wheel?

I'm unable to lock my doors when the car is off and the key off the ignition. when I close the door the locks unlock. I'm able to lock from the outside with the key. the chimes also sounds even when the key and lights are off. My alarm ligth doesn't go off after the time it should. Is this all related and what's cousing it? Thanks Chubby

Since the car was wrecked over a year ago I have had continual trouble keeping the battery from dying. The car is seldom driven and garage kept, but after about 2-3 weeks the battery dies. The repair shop proved truly incompetent. I found (2) issues that I hoped would solve the problem - 1. loose wiring harness (passenger side headlamp, where the wreck occurred)& 2. sensor for hood not making proper contact, preventing the security system from properly initiating- however both have proven inadequate fixes. Any ideas as to what can be causing the battery to continually die? At my wits end?

Had good running car except at idle when only five cylinders fire. Replaced injector wiring harness on each injector, no change, replaced two additional injectors, third injector now failing. Car has 82K miles and ran on all six prior to touching injector wiring. Three injectors later, problem injector appears to be reappearing after plenum replaced, Help! Why cannot this be diagnosed properly? Corrosion on injector tabs not cleaned by technician which is difficult but better alternative than replacement.

how do i replace the water pump on a 1996 nissan 300zx?

My cars heater will work for a fw minutes when I first start it up and then blows cold air. trying to determine if this is the heater core or thermostat, car seems to run at a normal operating temperature.

car will start, idle for 10 seconds, then choke down. must increase rpms in order to stay running. originally car was at traffic light and quit. cranks easily.

where is the thermostat located?

I can't seem to find the procedure for replacing the spark plugs.