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Replaced center support bearing. Everything else looks good.
I changed all the spark plugs, rank angle sensor ,new coil paks wont start
Wheels have been balanced and aligned, but while driving straight around 40-55MPH there is a shimmy. Above or below it isn't noticeable. Doesn't do it while turning.

Friend pointed me in the direction of the rear bushings since he used to work on 280's and 300's for racing.
I have the motor and all materials needed to do so I predetonated with the old motor from junk gas
The Dashboard lights went off on my 1986 300zx. I have power to the dimmer switch. (Not sure if the switch is good). My tail and brake lights work, all of the other lights work too. (headlights, glove box, overhead,marker lights,back up lights and audio headlight warning. I have heard that the switch can cause this but it is usually in with nonworking tail lights. Can I bypass the switch to test if it is the problem. If not do you have any other suggestions? thanks
the motor spins and does not start
this car smokes a lot and not from tailpipe as normal.this one pushes it out. and on to the exhaust pipe.
Every time i try and start the car it doesn't remain idle.
Car fades up from 800rpm to about 1000rpm its slight but noticeable.
Im wondering if its the connectors/wires that hookup to the MAF.
now it's only cranking but not turning over,we checked the plugs and there's no spark
I went to recharge the ac, heard he compressor but no fan regardless of setting with or without ac activated.
find out clearance illumi fuse keep blow up when turn on switch. Removed clearance light, dimmer relay, high beam relay, back light, license light but still do samething. need help!
car died while I was driving down the road now I can't get it to turn over replace the PTU sensor and put a new battery inchecked most other common problems , like sparkplugs but I'm at a loss of what to try next
What can this be? how do I fix this?
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