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how much would it cost to change the differential and spark-plugs on my vehicle?

i adjusted the idle down to 700rpms but as soon as i drive it the car idles at 2000 rpms

wiring smoked after putting + cable on after charging battery----all fuses checked out good by me------shop spent 1.5 hours to find and replace a fusible link(which i had mentioned, when t brought it in) ? ? ? bob

The AC Compressor only comes on when the controls are on high. Tried 3 different resistors still same result. I even replaced the controls nothings changed, it only works on high.

Yesterday, pulling into parking space, depressing brake, car surged, unintentional acceleration, hit brick wall damaged fender and bumper. Any thoughts on why the surge and unintentional acceleration?

1984 Nissan 300 ZX, Water pump is leaking, I have never done this before, but I am a Honda Mechanic by trade, and a neighbor asked me to fix his car.

also strong feul odors and what seems like fuel vapors from exhaust

The new engine has 25,000 miles on it.

I was quoted at 2.2 hours. This seems a bit high for me, since everything I found online says that once the car is on the rack it can be done in 15 mins.

things that are ok,fuel,voltage,compression.trigger or pulse

I checked all the fuses and some were burnt so I replaced them with the factory recommended types. Then when I turned on my headlights only the high beams would work, so I rechecked the fuses and the headlight one was burnt out. I replaced it again and the lights went out once more. I put in 15a instead of a 10a and everything seems fine, but my dash never came back on.

I recently put in a car stereo and I was having trouble with getting it to stay on, but that turned out to be a ground issue.

Just got this car from a individual..and was thrilled when A/C worked...but when the evening temps dropped, I turned up the temp....and no heat...tried all different positions etc...floor, dash, defrost, etc....but no heat. Plenty of coolant. Don't know how to do the self diagnostics...or what it may mean...

i have an aftermarket intake that sits right behind the front fender and the fender has air slits, one puddle and bye bye engine

what does s involvethe replacement of the cam pully

do you have step by step how to do replace a/c condenser

whichway to take out radiator or front bumper

83876 worley idaho

It is making a sound and have replaced the bears

how much would this cost

going down the road something snatched my main power wire out of the starter and now some of my dash lights will not work what could it be

I bought a rear caliper seal kit from an autoparts store, for my 1987 Nissan 300zx 3.0l non-turbo. The caliper had some broken parts within the piston which look like o-ring bearings and a c-clip. The seal (rebuild) kit I purchased has rubber grommets and a wire e-clip. I can't figure out how it goes on. Any help with this will be appreciated.

300zx runs for about 30 miles but needs recharging. Dashboard lights are always on (battery,anti-lock,lights,door,seat belt). The alternator was replaced just a couple of years ago.

What should be the Air pressure in my tyre front and rear ?

car has a missfire while idleing but no loss of power on take off. could it be the injectors or vacume leak?

I have a 1987 Nissan 300ZX and I am trying to find a picture of the drivers side exhaust manifold so I can get a used one. Mine is cracked. Does anyone know where I can get a picture of it? It is not in the drop down list of years.

dummy light (light) comes on when brake pedal is pressed

1995 300zx both low beams won't come on just started last night all other lights work, relay is good swapped with alarm relay to check and no fuses are blown. Have owned the car 4 years with no problems like this.

I've had this problem for several weeks now. Car feels like it has a constant miss throughout the rev range. I have just done a plenum pull, installed new injectors, replaced injector and coil connectors, new temp sensor and cleaned the throttle bodies as I had planned to do this - no difference. I ran ECU diagnostics with code 55 recorded with engine off - everything OK. With engine on recorded left side O2 sensor is faulty.
I also checked the voltage on the MAF and got a reading of 0.48 volts with key on (spec 0.8V). With the engine running the reading was within spec at 1.29 volts. I cleaned the MAF with MAF Cleaner and also cleaned connectors and terminals. Re-tested - no difference in values.
Voltage on Throttle Position Senser OK at both connectors - spec in the manual states approximate values for a couple of wires - only discrepancy I got was 0.86V wher it states approx 1V.
Also timing belt etc was replaced and has done approx 50,000Km (half way throuigh its life cycle).
I am planning to change the O2 sensor this weekend, easier said than done.
Any help with this issue would be appreciated as I am becoming frustrated - do the figures recorded mean I need to replace anything.

I have a 1994 Nissan 300zx non-turbo.I just had a fuel injector replaced on my 3rd cylinder. 3 days later after my car was sitting for about 7 hours i started my car an it was making really weird noises when i pressed on the gas. I then noticed that i lot of white smoke was coming from 1 of my tail pipes(i have 4) I turned the car off and i noticed that some type of fluid was leaking from the pipe where the smoke was coming from. Inside that pipe there was alot of black sludge. What could this be? Please help.

how do you change a fuel pump on 94 300zx.