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pretty simple question
I can charge battery will run and no lights on but then shut it off and its like the battery goes dead do I need an alternator
I have a 2011 Nissan Frontier SL.
About 2-3 years ago I changed the front and rear differential fluid and transfer case fluid. About a year or two ago I noticed if I turn a tight corner in 4WD the car moves very slow and clunky. Going straight in drive or in reverse I've had no issues.

I changed the front and rear diff fluid and the transfer case fluid yesterday, and noticed that now if I take a tight corner in 4WD the vehicle will not move at all, even in drive and with gas applied.

I have no issues with a tight turn in 2WD, and in 4WD moving straight or slight turns in Drive or Reverse do not cause issues. I can change in and out of 4WD with no issues.

The only issue is tight turns(turn the wheel completely 1 way) the truck will lock up and cannot move.

Any ideas what is wrong?

Thank you!
So the heat will work in my 07 murano on defrost and all other modes on all speeds but blow ice cold air after about 10 minutes and only will blow hot again if you switch between defrost and other modes in my vehicle. No one I have talked to seems to know the answer.
Smokes more when it sit for a period of time
ive looked at diagrams and it doesn't look like its possible due to layout but I was wondering if anyone knew for sure and if so what size belt do it need
I replaced my Bose 6 disk OEM CD player in my 2009 350Z with a (brand new) Bose 6 disk OEM CD player with cassette from a 2005 350Z. Now my stereo steering wheel controls don't work. Both players have identical plug-ins on the back of each unit. They both have the same pin location with each plug. Both units work off of steering wheel controls. Why won't my steering wheel control work for this new unit? All manual controls work fine on the unit but I've lost the steering wheel control function?
I just had my starter changed. My car started an was driving just fine for about a week. I went to work came home need to go to the store an my car wouldn't start and hasn't started for about 3 days now. What could be wrong?
The battery is OK, the key symbol on the dashboard comes on and engine won't crank
I recently just got an new thermostat put into my car for the overheating to stop but it's still doing the same thing .
Coolant isn't staying full but I don't see any small leaks. Car do hesitate to crank up when it actually do it takes me a couple of times for it to fully crank ..what else could be wrong with it . I haven't been driving it since then and this was 3days ago ..
Just had the car serviced at the dealer as we had a coolant leak. When sitting at a light the car would blow cold air but once the vehicle moved, it would warm up again. Front works great and the heat blow when stopped but the back blows cold
I need the specifications on the torque settings on a 94 Nissan what to torque the head job on a 94 Nissan pickup
My car wouldn’t change gears so I figured it was my transmission screen needed replaced. Had that done and it still won’t go over 5-25mph. Is my transmission gone out or is it something smaller causing such a big problem?
My name is Barbara Boykin and contact number is 870-329-0429. I was not aware of a recall notice on the fuel pump for a 2002 Nissan Sentra. On March 14, 2010, my vehicle caught fire and completely burned caused by a leaking fuel line. The police report number is 10-00000897. Please review this matter. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
Nothing. Just need to know if i could use a 94 nissan sentra 2 door car for my 98 nissan sentra 4 door car??
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