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Garage replaced oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 1, Code still kept coming up so I took it back and they cleaned mass air flow sensors. Code is still but not as much. Usually after driving out of town and back a couple times it will still pop up. What else could be the problem?

Just bought the car a yr ago. Made regular oil changes, with last one being 6/24/17. Check engine light came on today and there wasn't any oil.

Do i use regualar or premium gas

Need to check ac compressor has no power

codes read camshaft position sensor so i cleaned and changed both but still codes are saying camshaft sensor why?

once a while it occurs

This has happened twice in 10 yrs. First sat in car listening to radio, got out car and locked it. Came out and had to use key to get into car. Staring wheel turned upside down and car would not crank. Had to jump off to crank car. 2nd time sat in car and noticed key light flashing for about 40 min. got out locked car. Came back in 30 minutes and had to use actual key to get in car. Staring wheel upside down again and could not crank, like dead battery had to jump off again.

Don't want to pick up speed when driving

They truck over heated then I filled it up with water and coolent it ran fine I was on a 75 mph highway on a 30 min drive. I didn't notice any shaking but now after it heating up again I noticed a leak in the radiator and now it has a little shake when I am driving and at idle. Does anyone know what could be causing it to shake?

Air conditioning is only blowing hot air. Where is the clutch sensor and relay located for the compressed?

This occurs about 4 times a week. Pulling in garage, the 4wd came on, brake light on dash came on, the headlights flashed several times. The engine also seemed to what I called hiccup.

Before all this n the code said camshaft sensor I replaced both still nothing help plzz

The car will start and shift into all gears, but when you shut the car off the steering wheel will not lock no matter how far I turn it and the key will not complete the last turn to be removed from the igintion

What could be the cause of me rogue not accelerating when I press on gas?

I just started having an issue where I'll turn the key to start the car and nothing happens other than the dashboard lights and radio coming on like they normally would. If I try turning the key a couple of times, then it'll start but it sounds a little weaker of a start than normal. I've had the battery and alternator tested, and both are fine. I also replaced the battery terminals but still have this problem occasionally. Again, it doesn't happen every time I try starting the car, but it just started happening yesterday which makes me think it may only be the beginning and will get worse. Also, the door chime will come on when I open the door as if the keys are still in the switch sometimes but the keys aren't in there which makes me wonder if it's an ignition switch causing this problem. Any thoughts/ ideas would be helpful and appreciated.

service engine light came on checked codes 1st was camshaftposition sensor 2nd was crankshaft position sensor bought both they look the same. Are they?

My radio will turn off and on rapidly when I'm sitting with the car in gear at a stop light. This normally only happens when the AC is on. If I turn the AC off then the radio plays fine. It's just an aftermarket head unit, no subs or amps. When I accelerate from the stop light, then the radio plays fine, even with the AC on. I checked all my connections to my stereo and they are fine, I had the same problem with a different head unit and replaced with a new one, and am still having the same problem. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated....p.s. I had the battery and alternator tested, and they are both good

I have a 2005 Nissan titan 4 wheel drive and was looking into getting a 2008 parts truck. will the axles fit my 2005 without major modifications.

When I start my veh. and start driving it goes into high gear like 3rpm or 4 rpm whatever that is when its is suppose to be in 2 at a speed of 30mph. It eventually shifts out but very slowly and it does not accelerate correctly unless Im already driving at a high speed. The odometer reads 255530 something but the engine wasvreplaced and only has about 150000 miles on it or less. It does this very often to the point I dont frive on interstate because of the lack of acceleration. Is this something that can be fixed without a hefty mechanic bill. Please help?

car cranks but wont start, and crank sensors..

Got the part need to install

Battery goes low even when we turn the ac on then

The gage goes to half then to low need help

My trunk won't open using the button at the back and I need to replace a burned out breaklight. Where is the latch to manually open located?

every bump while I'm turnijg going straight its fine

I just had my brakes and radiator replaced. Bit now my car takes long to cool and it cuts off in park.

The front of the transmission is leaking severely. It just pours transmission fluid from it. The leak is on the bottom passenger side and there are no cracks. I was told it's most likely a bad gasget. How much is it going to cost to get it fixed?

Happens up hills. Once the car gets going it seems to run fairly well.

Stalls sometimes at red lights. RPM goes too low. Sometimes after it stalls and starts back up, it will hesitate after giving gas and then lurch forward.

will not go into reverse

My car has aproblem in ignition key, sometimes the key is difficult to remove, do ineed to replace, or there is achance to repair