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hi my nissan 4 cylinder auto trans truck has a skip when driving the highway at 60 MPH not all the time. once in a while like the spark stops or something and then carries on not again for a long time or a short time. Not a comsistant thing.Noticable when it happens.

Air bag light on and off constantly. How to fix this problem?

Having a hard time finding a book on this car.. Can anyone tell me where the crankshaft positioning sensor is on 1990 Nissan 240SX 2.4 liter???

yes i think i have a blown head,but my engine wont start,how do i get it to start so i can put some steal seal in it to repair the head gasket

what causes gasoline to get into my coolant system

i know my timing chain is my major problem. the car stalled on me and will not start. what other damage could of been caused by my timing chain tensioner being loose or parts being broken within? water/coolent in the gas or oil? other posable damage to car parts from the chain?

1991 nissan 240 engine cranks but wont start,fuel pump is good as well as alternator and battery

If the temperature gauge was not running hot but the fan was locked in placed when i tried to turn it, do i need a fan clutch?

i have a problem my car when it goes in first gear its running good but when i put second gear it looses power and after few second it gains power again

My tank is shot and I can not find one under $400.00. Plus the labor is outragous. Has any one had there fuel tank repair rather then replaced on this car? I found a radiator shop that says they can be repaired?

what is done to tune a 1993 240sx. and when should the belt be replaced. 5 speed manual.

my passenger side seatbelt in 1991 240 wont retract.a test light shows that it is still getting power but still no responce

all the gears seem to work fine on my auto 91 240 except overdrive. it will not shift into od. any ideas on what this can be?

Every since I brought the car the speedometer and cluster lights have never worked and I'm tying to found out why and what may be the cause of the problems.I've read that the timing control unit[tcu]could be causing the problem and I was told that a part was missing in the cluster panel,but the battery,seatbelt,nad one or two more lights comes on,but day or night the cluster does not light up at all.Can you help me please.

no spark engine will not start at all. had timming chaine replaced mechanic said ran good parked it and it would not start

Wife was driving. auto transmission went out. no fwd or back. Makes a kin do of humming noise but nothing moves car.. it will creep slighly when put in gear but that is it. ideas?

My analog speedometer fails, it's jumping all the time, like if for a few millisecond there's no signal or something, but it only happens when it's a hot day, as the temperature starts to fall down then the speedo works just fine. The other instrument gauges in the dashboard are working just fine.

The cam pully came off and was replaced and also had oil, filer change and a few hours later the oil filter popped off and lost all the oil. But did not run engine but a few feet before it was turned off. Installed new filter and oil. same thing happens. What is wrong?

my tail lights wont shout off

key has been getting harder and harder to turn and will no longer engage the ignition at all

when i turn on the car the automatic seat belt on the driver side doe not work

it will stay running if i keep my foot on the brake and give it gas but once i come off the gas it dies

While driving in drive my car is not shifting out. It feels like it is in overdrive or in a low gear/

The speedometer does not display. It only beirfly comes up when i start the car and if I begin to move fast enough it does display the correct MPH.

my 240 is automatic. sometimes it wont come out of 2nd or 3rd. I usually have to put it in neutral and restart the engine to fix it temporarily.

Im tired of getting pulled over for this... new bulbs, still doesnt work. is it a short or something? how do i fix it?

OK... My #2 injector went bad so i pulled it to make sure. After i put it back in the car would sputter smoke and oil from the exhaust pipe and from a crack in that hose that goes from the valve cover to the intake system(I think)... All plugs fouled afterward. Is it just the hose and injector? I really dont want to have to tear into the engine.

I have a 1993 Nissan 240sx and I am trying to do a cost estimate on making it into a show car. All I need to know is what are the different sizes of engines that I can put in this car. Right now I have a 2.4l 16 valve DOHC and would like to put something larger with a turbo in it. What does everyone recommend? Just so you know I need the car to pass emissions because I live in nashville, TN. Also I want to do this without frabrication.

how to fix timing chian on a 1991 nissan 240sx

All of the sudden my driver side window wouldnt roll up. Ive finally forced it up but now it wont roll down. I took the door panel off and looked in there but i cant see much of anything. Whats up with it?