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It stalled on me last night. I got it started but I had to keep the rpms up so it wouldn't stall. Something gunned up
I read that voltage to CKPS should be 5 volts but I only measure 9.5 mV. Resistance in CKPS measured 485 ohms. Is problem in ECM? Or should I look else where?
I changed the bulbs, the problem is still there.
Is there a relay or something that could be possible bad, or is it the switch on the steering column?.
How to fix the problem???
Looking at junk yards for a front bumper cover and grill (2 separate parts)- Is there any other model that will work? Looks like this year is not compatible. Help!
wont start regardless of what I do, it has new purge valve, new iac valve, new battery, still nothing.
My OBD 2 reads pending after 240 miles to re-activate sensors
all are ok. Cat still reads pending. Can my oxygen sensor be passing but
are almost gone or dirty? There are no diagnostic code or engine light.
Pulled radio and got to plastic thingy and all parts work but wont switch between defrost and any other setting cant get to where cable attaches to flap(?) that changes it from defrost to floor etc.
I just bought my car, used of course. I took it to AutoZone to get a diagnostic and they told me my speed sensor needs to be replaced also my knock sensor and Oxygen sensor. I want to replace them by myself ive been looking at numerous videos and i think i can do it. but if you guys have any extra advice for me please help (:
I tried everything to get them off and had to take the hot post off the battery and leave it off to get the brake lights off do you know what this could be??
I cant seem to have both on .
If my air conditioning is on car will not start. So I turn off ac and then the car will start.. why???
Don't work on 1,2,3 only on ,4 the highest
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