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the engine codes are both sides of o2 sensors and cat converters

It's been like this since purchased in November

poor acceleration, replaced plugs,and cat converters replaced.

When putting the car in reverse it made a clunk noise, tried a couple more times with same noise. I also noticed the 'service engine' light was on. Later in the day, didn't make the noise, however light still on.

Went to leave work couple days later, took couple attempts to get it started, when pressing gas pedal to the floor would only do about 20 mpg, after driving a little ways it finally started picking up speed.

when city driving it seams to pour black smoke if over 2000-2500rvs between gears. the exhaust gets a thick sooty build up in a very short time.Excelerating up hills or over taking it smokes excessively. it seems to lack power and was wondering if the turbo not working may be the cause as it dosent seem to get very warm at all.

Starts working after playing with buttons

Still not working

Sometimes my shifter gets stuck trying to switch from park to drive or vice versa.

would it be sensor or computer i find no faulty wiring at all

Park my car shut it off break Light won't go off.

Is intermittent noise, clanking type sound. Sounds like chain clanking

When in motion my car locks up completely. I have children in it daily and this is very dangerous. My aunt has called Nissan and all they had to say was go have a Nissan professional go over it at your cost! It was a used car when I got it and has done since I bought it. They didn't know what was wrong either. I'm taking a wild guess and saying electrical. Some advice or answers would be great

Check engine light came on and the gas pedal is to the floor but wont accelerate

is this normal for 2010 vehicle

Evaporative Emission Control System Vent Control


A lawn mower. Could all of these issues be related to the emissions vapor vent?

Engine turns over but won't crank or start.

Only works sometimes

Had my AC compressor replaced due to car not cooling. After 2 weeks the same issue happened and was told the O ring seal had to be replaced.

My car is a 2005 Nissan pathfinder and I want to know if I can engage the transmission from park to neutral if the car battery is disconnected

This morning I drove my car around then went home. Tried to start it later and the battery was dead. I jumped it and it started, but as soon I disconnected the jumper cable, it died. I tried a couple more times...letting it charge for a while, but same thing. It won't start. Any ideas?

Garage replaced oxygen sensor bank 1 sensor 1, Code still kept coming up so I took it back and they cleaned mass air flow sensors. Code is still but not as much. Usually after driving out of town and back a couple times it will still pop up. What else could be the problem?

Just bought the car a yr ago. Made regular oil changes, with last one being 6/24/17. Check engine light came on today and there wasn't any oil.

Do i use regualar or premium gas

Need to check ac compressor has no power

codes read camshaft position sensor so i cleaned and changed both but still codes are saying camshaft sensor why?

once a while it occurs

This has happened twice in 10 yrs. First sat in car listening to radio, got out car and locked it. Came out and had to use key to get into car. Staring wheel turned upside down and car would not crank. Had to jump off to crank car. 2nd time sat in car and noticed key light flashing for about 40 min. got out locked car. Came back in 30 minutes and had to use actual key to get in car. Staring wheel upside down again and could not crank, like dead battery had to jump off again.

Don't want to pick up speed when driving