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how experienced are cheavy dealers with nissain xterra...mechanics should I bring it to Nissan instead? I bought it from a cheavy dealer..
The pull on the outside door handle brakes off so you no longer can open the door. Front passenger handle & back drivers side handle have broken off in the last 2 weeks.
Mechanic recommends replacing rear struts due to age of vehicle. I just want to be sure that the vehicle has rear struts and not shocks.
Changed thermostat because car ran hot. Now car STILL runs hot and my heater no longer works! Also now while it's running a very strong coolant smell feels the car. Also my reservoir fills when car runs hot. There's no sign of leaks and haven't noticed any noises.
I was on my driveway and turned off the engine to then realize that I forgot to put it in park. I was still in drive so I turned on the rogue immediately and changed the gear back to park. I then wanted to see if everything was ok so I put it to reverse and backed out the driveway. Problem is that when I applied the brakes the rogue would NOT stop! It kept rolling back so I quickly pushed on the emergency brake and it finally came to a halt. I noticed that when I was trying to press on the brakes originally, they were really hard. Is my rogue OK? What happened?
xterra has 56k and from what I do know it should be a 6hr job..cheavy dealer told me it's gonna be another day...can't find out why after flushing the cooling liquid...half the system is not and the other cold...
sometimes fan when turned on Will make a squealing noise.turn it off and back on ok. other times it does it again. been this way for a week. now service engine soon came on 1/4/18.

but 1/4/18
My heater never actually heats up to a hot level just blows warm air
('96 Nissan Maxima, 160K) Recent persistent "clunking" sound, worse over bumpy road. At first, I thought perhaps something embedded in a tire, but tires look OK. Brief ride w/ mechanic, and he looked at undercarriage. Can worn-out struts be diagnosed visually?
His opinion is worn struts, though not necessarily dangerous. He said repair/replace could wait until problem worsens, but it's very disturbing driving now, hearing that sound.
Was told that new struts may result in a stiff ride, more feeling bumps, but it seems repair should be done.
pretty simple question
I can charge battery will run and no lights on but then shut it off and its like the battery goes dead do I need an alternator
I have a 2011 Nissan Frontier SL.
About 2-3 years ago I changed the front and rear differential fluid and transfer case fluid. About a year or two ago I noticed if I turn a tight corner in 4WD the car moves very slow and clunky. Going straight in drive or in reverse I've had no issues.

I changed the front and rear diff fluid and the transfer case fluid yesterday, and noticed that now if I take a tight corner in 4WD the vehicle will not move at all, even in drive and with gas applied.

I have no issues with a tight turn in 2WD, and in 4WD moving straight or slight turns in Drive or Reverse do not cause issues. I can change in and out of 4WD with no issues.

The only issue is tight turns(turn the wheel completely 1 way) the truck will lock up and cannot move.

Any ideas what is wrong?

Thank you!
So the heat will work in my 07 murano on defrost and all other modes on all speeds but blow ice cold air after about 10 minutes and only will blow hot again if you switch between defrost and other modes in my vehicle. No one I have talked to seems to know the answer.
Smokes more when it sit for a period of time
ive looked at diagrams and it doesn't look like its possible due to layout but I was wondering if anyone knew for sure and if so what size belt do it need
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