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RPM cannot reach 3000
Car is salvaged in 2004 in flood. I kept my car! Things are now failing. I'm a single, disabled senior without family and friends to help me. Plus, I am new to nevada since March 2014. I really need "help" with my vehicle or I'll be without transportation, thanks
Could the replacement of the wheel bearing cause the Slip, ABS and another warning light come on? The mechanic says it can't but they weren't on before.
I changed fuel injectors because auto shop said they were bad. To do that I took out the fuel for fuel and let to car die to use the fuel in system. I changed injectors put it back together and it hasn't started since. I get a crank but a no start. I smell fuel. The alarm went off when I re-attached the battery. I have checked fuses, fuel pump. There isn't a spark from coils. Could this be alam system? it doesn't look like after market alarm. Any Ideas?
My car doesn't turn when I'm driving it just goes strait. When I want to turn the staring wheel is stuck and I struggle to turn. It feels like I'm going to break something
front brakes were not working so replaced cylinder and bled brakes. front brakes froze up and got very hot. ran diagnostic on it but no code. still do not have front brakes what else can be wrong
It's trying to start but not catching please help
Car cut off and would not crank. I changed the knock sensor and it still will not crank. I cleared the code and car still don't crank and I don't get anymore bad codes.
The engine emits a tapping noise on start up. The noise may dissipate immediately. Someone claim that the oil relief valve is stuck or something. I check the repair manual and found that it has valve on the engine close to the oil filter. The oil filter is new (nissan) also the oil have been changed 5-30.
The lights well flier off and on and the car well stay on buy to pressure with my gas pletal the car just losession power
I replaced the bulbs but they still do not work. I know where the backup light switch is, but I can not find the backup light fuse
rear hatch will not open by electric switch only by manuel switch
We bought the car yesterday tried to start it today and it want work
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