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condition existed over last 1000 =miles

brakes drag after i changed brake light switch under dash

put new fuel pump on will crank and run unless you give it gas then it will die takes 10 to 15 min to crank again samething

how much will it cost me to repair the driver side fender and then separately my bumper in case the cost is too high i will only replace my fender because the bumper is not bad the light also needs to be put back in place, it is not broken it just popped out.

1993 Nissian---Install three belts

I have a vibration on my 2005 xterra that feels like going over speed bumps at around 40mph I slow up than a few miles down the road it apears again. Can anyone help me resolve what this could be?

I'M having problems with my 93 nissan 240sx , it will crank when it sits overnight , but after you start it , and cut it off for a few minutes it wont crank back until it seats along period of time , but when it doesn't start it still is firing , has good fuel pressure , and when it wont start I even sprayed some starter fluid into the chamber , and it still doesn't crank .

My car revs to approx. 4000 rpm when going 30 to 40 mph. A few weeks back the car would jerk when I shifted gears from drive to reverse and vice versa. That has stopped and the "revving" has begun. The car has 75,000 miles and has an automatic transmission.

How do you change the HEPA cabin AC filter?

I have a 97 nissan pathfinder, 3.3 liter has 137,000 miles.. cranks but doesn't start, has new fuel filter, and i changed the timing belt and water pump at 107 000 miles, i can hear fuel pump hum with key on, I disconnected the line after the fuel pump and is shooting fuel with key on. I used my code scanner and it said camshaft sensor circuit P0340,EVAP SYSTEM P0440 I tested for battery voltage going to distributor connector, where the cam sensor is located when key on and and i get voltage, plus I checked the ground wire of that same connector with an ohms meter to ground and that's good. I'm suspecting either a camshaft sensor or PCM. problem. I'm getting spark to the spark plugs, it starts when I spray a little ether starting fluid in the intake, so i know it's a fuel problem. I've always worked on my own vehicles since working in the auto repair trade for 7 years, back in 1988-95 before switching to the equipment repair trade..

could i be missing something else to test.. before i gamble on buying a distributior, since the camshaft sensor isn't a seperate part and built into the distributor. what's your thoughts.


I bought a rear caliper seal kit from an autoparts store, for my 1987 Nissan 300zx 3.0l non-turbo. The caliper had some broken parts within the piston which look like o-ring bearings and a c-clip. The seal (rebuild) kit I purchased has rubber grommets and a wire e-clip. I can't figure out how it goes on. Any help with this will be appreciated.

The rim on my 2003 maxima is bent or cracked and I AM LOOKING TO HAVE IT REPAIRED OR MAYBE PURCHASE A GOOD USED ONE.

i dont believe it can be my battery we tried jumping it and it wont even acknowledge any life.

how to set up timing on engine & putting back cylinder heads

when driving and push on accelerator pedal,its fine till around 2500 rpm, then just cuts out and keeps surging.As long as rpm stays under 2500,seems fine.

I was told to replace engine computer If I buy used one it is needs to be reprogram ? I have smart keys it is need reprogram to?


Hello, I replaced both drive axles and thought that they were properly seated in the transmission. They seemed to go into the splines and bottomed out. I reattached the knuckle brakes and all that fun stuff. Since I lost a lot of transmission fluid I refilled to the proper level. When I went to test drive the car would not go into gear. When I put the car back into drive after attempting dive and reverse there is grinding.

What could be wrong? Not seated properly?

How to remove and replace water pump. I have got everything done down to removing the fan. I did take the plastic blades off but unsure what to do now. Help

every time i try to pass 85 mph my car wont go faster than that other than that is ok.

So, I know what the code is, but in order to get it repaired, I still needed to smog my car (knowing it will fail) with hopes that the test will tell me what needs to be fixed. I am in CA. Well, low and behold, my car passed all emissions, the Cat passed, everything except for the fact that the MIL is on. It will clear with the code clearing when hooked up to the OBDII, but within a few days comes back on. It first came on after a coil and plugs were replaced. Then it went off for a few days on its own before coming back on. Any clues as to what is causing the issue when all other functions are passing? BTW, I passed emission with flying colors (low numbers based on max allowed)

starts and runs good for a few miles then stalls. i have to wait a while for it to cool down


My vehicle has been having rough or brief "no start" conditions the last few weeks. There are times when it will start up right away normally, other times when it will hesitate then start then there are times when it would have a rough start. For example it would shake as if you were sitting in a truck, including when I accelerate but it would go away shortly after taking off to drive. I typically have the problem if I have already driven the vehicle for the day, then when I try to start it up later that same day it doesn't start. Now if it sits for the remainder of the day, the next day it will start.

What would be the cause for the A/T Temp light go on

car shifts very hard won't shift until you reach 3500rpm out of low gear or any other gear. What could be the problem, has 157,000 miles, is it worth fixing

i have a 1984 maxima ; strait 6 cylinder ; i need firing order ; someone crossed the wires

changed the radiator and exchanger transmission rebuilt had lots of codes now no codes but wont start out in 1st gear any help will be appreciated

how do I fix my inside light panel on my nissan sentra '05

My 91 nissan maxima idle ok at 650 to700rpm then press the gas a little and jumps over 1500rpm nothing less,... any ideas???