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While changing spark plugs noted oilon one of the plugs on the left side of my 2005 nissan 350Z
Runs fine when you spray starting fluid in it
Dash light is on indicating passenger side airbag is not working. Dealer advises that the sensor can't be replaced by itself and that the airbag with sensor assembly has to be replaced. Their estimate is in excess of $2,500.
Bought car used i3 months ago. Check engine light came on after a week saying camshaft position sensor. Car started having trouble starting but would start after a few tries. Replaced camshaft and crankshaft position sensor. Ran for a few days then messed up again this time RPMs going crazy. Replaced both again. Then wouldn't start. Or would start and die immediately. Changed connectors and bought both sensor a from dealership. Installed today started right up and drove great. After a few hrs sitting started it up and drove it the check engine light is back on reading same codes. I am stumped and taking it to dealership is last resort. I don't have the money. I'm scared it's going to not start in the morning and that's t until we figure this out.
It acts like it is clogged up or bad gas it happened 3- times. Happens when I'm driving only , also 2-3 weeks between incidents . Figured it bad gas but now think it's something electronicall , or pumps getting weak. And ideas?????
this started yesterday and now unit is making whining noise
the book tells me I need to remove the upper radiator when replacing the water pump. What is the upper radiator, is that the radiator? Is this step really necessary?
Battery was dead, jumped then this started.
Vehicle not getting fuel. Has never stopped while driving
The speedometer and the odometer also do not work
How much will it cost me to replace my radiator
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