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Pops out of gear no power

I'm really not certain if the latch is broken or not and just may be something hung up inside of it. The latch does feel free and almost as if there was nothing catching it.

The passenger side drive shaft is bent due to a small accident and I would like to repair it myself if possible.

where is the idle speed control located

I replaced the front brake pads and the two front calipers on my '99 Nissan Altima (manual transmission). After bleeding the front lines, and everything seeming to go like it should, I turned the car on and the brake pedal went all the way to the floor. After pumping several times, I was able to get some resistance, but nothing that felt the way it should. We then bled the lines again, this time on all four, and nothing changed. Bled the front again, nothing happened, and I had a mechanic look at it and bleed all four lines again, still with no result. I was able to drive it around, and I can get it to brake and stop, but it certainly doesn't brake as well as it should. I have heard that it could be the master cylindar, or it could be the brake assist assembly behind the cylindar. I want to save money on this as much as I can, so I'm wondering what the best way to get this diagnosed and fixed would be. Can the electronic tests that the guys at Auto Zone detect this? Is there any visible symptom I should see when I check under the hood? And most importantly, is my car safe to drive?

on with the same code showing up

I just drove it home from passing the emission test and the belt broke and truck overheated and coolant all over.

Oil change was done 6 months ago, but driven maybe 800 miles in that time. Truck has low mileage (43,400). I'm getting air blowing out of oil fill cap when removed. Could a stuck valve have caused the burnt oil and air blowing out of oil fill cap? I changed the oil myself this time and the filter looked like it has not been changed for a long time. Very little oil came out of filter and it was very heavy. Not very easy to change/remove filter.

I just replaced the sensor and the heat started working just fine now I have no heat again but it blows out cool/warm air

Have not driven truck very much this past couple of months, I start it every week and let the thermastate heat up then turn it off, last week took it golf course up the street and everything was great, this week I move it down the drive way and I noticed that the brake pedal whent straight to floor, never had this problem before. This truck has never given me a problem like this. One week good, no driving, next week no break preasure at all. Filled brake fluide to max on small container under hood and still no preasure. What could be the problem.....Anyone
Thank you.

Ive heard of a horsepower upgrade by replacing the brain or jetting is there anything available for my truck?

Diagnostic plug-in indicated EVAP leak. I had a smoke test performed and the canister purge-valve was bad. I replaced the valve and I need to reset the system to get the light off but I don't know how with this vehicle. Can anybody help?

how do i replase heatercoe

My local Nissan dealer just told me it would cost $1155 to replace one of the two catalytic convertors on my 2005 Pathfinder. Is there truly two - one for each bank of my V6 enginer? Anyway, is this a repaid easily done yourself?

The noise started earlier this year (I brought the car new in 2009). I can hear the clunking/ knocking noise sometimes when I am driving, but I hear it mostly when I stop. The dealer said it’s my car cooling down (exhaust), but the knocking noise is louder than just a car cooling down. Plus, I am just hearing the noise this year. Within the first year of me buying my car there was a recall for the front upper strut insulators which I had replaced at the dealership. I now have 35,220 mileage.

purge valve and/or canister to replace

4X2, automatic, 3.0 L v-6

and will they have to remove the radiator to do that and is it better to change the timing chain and radiator at the same time and what is the price thanks

Where should I start to look? could it just be a fuse?

It has gotten louder in the last couple of days.

has 46,600 miles on 8 year old car

will installing a cam shaft position sensor cure the 01320 code

Replaced clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder and still no pressure.

guage on dashboard shows engine running hot, it'll then go back to normal, then hot, a continous cycle. I have changed the thermastat but the problem still exists. What am I missing or what do I need to do?

locate & replace pcv valve on 2009 nissan pathfinder

When I first got the car settings '1' and '2' didn't work on the knob. I thought no problem since settings '3' and '4' did, I can tolerate this. One day setting '3' also went out and then setting '4' only worked, then I turned the knob all the way to setting '0', then setting '4' didn't work. I have basic car knowledge and have replaced a blower motor before. It just seemed like it slowly degraded. Anyone have any ideas? Does this sound like a do it yourself job? Thanks in advance.

No check engine lights or computer code indicates a problem, yet when the truck is brought out on the highway the RPM gauge oscillates quickly and the Xterra SE loses power, will stall out, and then will be difficult to start up again until you wait a few minutes. My usual mechanic had the truck for 2 weeks but could not recreate the problem in his garage and would not take it out on the highway because he did not want to get stuck. I picked up the truck last night and it broke down again on the highway with the same symptoms. I had it dropped at the Nissan Service center last night as my mechanic could not figure out the problem. Any ideas?

Getting fuel,so pump is good.I haven't had a chance to check fusses.

I took my alternator off of the truck and the wire broke form a capacitor or noise supressor connect to the frame of the frame of the alternator. Is this a noise supressor or a capacitor. It has one wire. The wire is connected to the battery terminal of the alternator. Where can I find this item? The numbers on it is 0217-00
S p

recently purchased 2002 Xterra , left dealership and speedometer/ odometer stopped working? any ideas ?