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Replace pump or power steering pressure side hose?

Rear End Suspension
Have a 2003 Altima 2.5 SL with 224K miles well maintain over the years. Last year replaced shocks & springs assembly. When riding over bump feels like no shocks & it appear the rear may have dropped compared to front which I replaced same time. Any thoughts on rear suspension?
When taking off it doesn't seem to want to go after it takes off the problem stops til I get to a stop sign and have to take off again
someone replied to my question. When i said smoggig. Will the exhaust system play a part in passing smog
The other day i tried to start it and it wouldnt turn over. I know its not the batter cause the radio comes on and lights but it wouldnt turn over. I tried about 4 times then waited 5 minutes and tried and it turned over. Im curious into as if this is a starter problem or maybe another problem? Will it need to be replaced? How much will a shop charge?
Two days ago I replaced the front passenger side strut/shock assembly on my '01 nissan altima which, up until then, the car started up like clockwork. When I went to test drive vehicle upon completion of the project, it wouldn't start at all. All the lights come on when I turn the key but no turnover or response from starter at all. I thought perhaps I may have accidentally knocked loose the electrical harness for some wired connection to that affect. After checking and confirming all connections I still get nothing in terms of turnover and starting but when the key is left in on position, there is a rapid ticking, like a timer, coming from what seems to be the fluid pan.
My car recently started to buck and stall out whenever I was coming or going to completely stop. Then once I started to drive off the bucking would get worse until the car just stalled out. Most of the time I can get the car to start, but sometimes it takes a few tries. I've went ahead and changed the sparks, air filter, put fuel injector clean, etc. It only helped for about a week and the problem has come back with a vengeance. I would have went to auto zone to get the car scanned but they only read 1996 and up. I don't have the money to take it to an auto repair shop to get the codes read for 85 bucks.
replaced valve cover gaskets on xterra ---dropped valve cover screw into valve assembly---will it do any damage -if I leave it in there-
Camshaft sensor codes and hard starting
A few days ago I heard a popping sound when I made the turn into my drive way, now I can barely steer the car. the fluid is full.
Does the exhaust system have to do with smoging the car? Does overdrive button stay on or off for normall driving?
Changing an ignition coil
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