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It will not start

the passegers airbag light blinks.the airbag is turned off .the light keeps blinking is there something i can try w/o adealer trip

tested antifreze level with tester(self) it showed no level but it has antifreeze in radator. so would i need to add any more ? I understand the factory has it in there.

At a stop light my heat-air coming out of the interior vents go cold and warms back up when I start moving again. The Heat gauge is in normal operating range and coolant level is normal.

The cabin heater does not produce heat. The AC runs well and the fan seems to be doing it's job too. When I turn the heater on I can feel air coming out of the vent, it increases as the knob is turned, but no heat is produce. I noticed this recently and has not happened in the past.

I am open to all suggestions.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions I may receive.

driver seat is very uncomfortable in this leaning position

not hayes' or chilton's. I have those. I want a Nissan certified factory manual. thanx

tried changing all the fuses all were good

The fuel filler access door, which is normally opened by pressing on it, will occasionally not operate and this requires a trip to the dealer who uses a "special tool " to solve the problem. The last visit cost me $60. ... Any ideas or suggestions?

The check engine stays on but don't register any codes or anything. He put a new disturber on and ran good for about a day and now it won't shift out of 2nd and winds the rpm up to about 5G just to get up to 50 mph.

In high beam they appear limited in scope. I replaced one bulb in my rt front. What is the normal cost to replace these lamps? Can I use other that original lamps?

my 2001 pathfinder will not start changed fuel pump and now i have no fire at the plugs

had catalytic conv changed on the top and a o2 sensor
now i get check engine light
and these codes when checked
any help thanks

the longer my car is off, the longer it will take to start jerking again. when it shuts off, almost all the lights on the dash turn on. usually i'm able to turn it back on and keep going, but sometimes, i have to wait.

no specific problems with the Pathfinder at this time this is just a routine 30000 mile service.

The seat switch is a 4-way; clockwise, counter clockwise, forward and back. All work except back. The seat has been moved up 3 times, and won't go back. Now it's like driving a sprint car. Much too close for me to be comfortable driving it. What is ;the proceedure for changing it?

I need help with this, should I replace the Canister Solenoid Valve and where exactly is this part located?


Car was left for a year without use and battery died. We replaced battery and engine would not start, alarm was going off like crazy until we figured out to put the key in the door to turn off alarm. Now alarm is off but car will not start. Just had it towed to a dealer and they are charging me 215 to try and figure out how to take the car out of "safe mode". I had it towed there because they are suppose to be the Nissan specialists... Any advice please so they do not take advantage of me.

I have replaces a lot of parts ond the suspension and bought new tires, brakes and shocks. I was told that it may be the rack and pinion. lost

when i start it again it seems that car has a hard start problem already...

when i use the automatic locking device supplied by the dealer "key fob" the doors will lock but the horn does not beep to let me know that it was activated.just happened yesterday when i went to watch TINTIN,great movie.this is a problem when you are several feet away from the vehicle and have to return to make sure doors have locked.hope this is an easy fix.thanks for your help.MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone from GUAM

I checked the oil plug and the filter for leaks - none. I change my own oil. During break in about 1/2 quart burned. Burning this amount of oil concerns me; and I know it is not normal.

Just replace the distributor and the timing was never adjusted using a timing light. I keep feeling a slight miss while accellorating.

diagnostic test showed that the fuel pump is faulty. It was changed. The fuel rail pressure sensor was also changed.
The problem occurs sometimes when the vehicle sits for very long hours - engine not running and also during accelleration or crusing. The vehicle was serviced regularly.
Please note that the problem continued even after the fuel pump and fuel rail pressure sensor was changed.

this is my first time changing it. i just purchased this car 3 weeks ago


the engine have a lil shimmy or shake win eva i stop but it runs perfect and stop shakin if the car is in neutral

Thanks to all the help I got so far, I can rephrase my first question, being more specific:

- What is the chance of overheating damaging the lower seals of the the wet sleeves of a Nissan VQ30DE engine?

It's been driven without coolant and overheated but did not shut down. After turning it off and letting it cool down, I realized vapor would come out of the exhaust at normal running temp on a warm day, so I had the heads removed.

Thank you all.

if its in park or neutral; it runs great but in drive or reverse if i stop the engine starts to shake what causes that problem

Hello everyone.
Can overheating damage the sleeves (cylinders) in any way? Particularly at the lower part?

I'm replacing the head gaskets after running without water and my mechanic, who's never worked on a Maxima before, told me that, after overheating, engines with sleeves instead of a bored block may have damages at the lower area where it's supposed to be sealed and not let water and oil mix.

Is this a real risk in Maxima Engines?
It's a 1996 3.0 24v V6.

I appreciate any thoughts.