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When the car is warm and you shut the vehicle off it will not start again until it cools and very difficult to start then, like its not getting fuel if it starts at all.

Warning chime will not alert me when I turn my ignition off and the lights are left on.

Smoke come out from the muffler

The relay itself is fine, the female part of the relay is burned out. I need to replace the bottom (female) part of the relay not the top. Please help. The closest I got to a part name is "connector "

Needs new transmission per service at dealership

At all. What could it be!

starter system acts like a stuck celinoid but its not.. there is a relay sticking somewhere, how do I find this stuck relay?

Been using the air conditioner a lot due to high heat

the car cranks but is not getting fuel the fuel pump and fuel pump relay are good and when the switch is turned on the AT check light flashes what could the issue be that would cause the car not to start

p1148 p1168 p0037 p0057 p0031 p0051

what main maintenance should I do for this amount of mileage?

This problem just started today.

put new camshaft sensors, then crankshaft sensor was good then service engine light came on, checked code read PO744 torque converter clutch circuit intermittent. Help!

What else could be the problem

Runs fine idleing but does not won't to accelerate sounds like it's chocking out

Car runs at a high rpm while I am driving and stays that way

What can cause this and best guess on cost to fix. Thank you

Transmission will not engage. Mechanic recommends replacement of alternator and battery because it could affect performance of the transmission.

car will restart after sitting for about 2 hours

Cost to replace muffler and tailpipe 2008 Nissan altima

Car is sluggish no power espealiy when a/c turned on

I changed the dash clock without disconnecting the battery first. When I clipped the wires going to the clock, I heard a "click" that seemed to come from under the string wheel. Now the clock works but ... when the car is off the power locks don't work, when I turn it on they do. Also, the clock does not keep the time in memory - it shows 1:00 when I start the car. In addition, when I start the car the A/C is off and when I turn it on, it works but the default temp setting is 75F, regardless of the last temp setting. It is almost as if all of those things are no longer receiving power from the battery, but rather the alternator only when the car is running.

First time. Truck started earlier in the day, but then wouldn't start 2 hours later

Step on gas stuters a minute then slowly acts like normal till step on to pass. Fuel pump just changed . Not sure if it is fuel pressure regulator or what . Timings going to be changed once I get funds . Cause of mileage so it water/oil since is all kit but it's gas I'm working on now. Idea to what could be . Disabled need car running

If you bypass the starter it will crank but still will not come out of park unless you manually shift it with a little push button on the shifter any clue what the problem is

How do I fix it

It just started and happen every time I drive it and return home.

Work u can't the noise when o press the wash button but water doesn't come out

It was all of a sudden no signs or symptoms came out of store and it wouldn't crank or start and is stuck on park all the lights come on when i turn the car key to accept but when i turn it to start it the lights all turn off on the dash board

what could it be?