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when I turn the heater temp the air stays cold even at 88 degrees. it ran warm for the last two days but was blowing cold air. before that it has been touch and go if working. just started like in the last few weeks.
My Armada won't start or turn over. Oil was reading high then next day won't start
I haven’t had any issues until now but the heater stopped working. I turn the knob for the fan but nothing is coming on
it can`t pass the smoke test because 1000.00 Nissan Maxima 3.5 2006
The engine fails to start it sometimes starts and fail other times 2005 Nissan Armada 5.6 I need the camshaft sensor location
I have a 2005 nissan pathfinder with 104,000+ miles. right now i am experiencing low gas mileage with 10.9 MPG. Its been going down for every month. Im trying to understand why? I replace the tires, belts, filters, everything and yet nothing seems to remedy it. Any advice would be helpful. thank you
I am on the hunt for a performance camshaft for the 3.3l supercharged motor. I also am looking for a performance chip that will work in a manual 2002 xterra. I have been searching for awhile but struggling finding them. Thanks
i hear a ping sound/everytime
my strenght of my bakki does not decrease but the ping sound getting harder and irritable
When Starting the car my heating and AC automated pop on try to turn the knob to shut it off but it stays on. I can change the temperature but from some strange reason It well not Shut off. Can u Explain Why.
My car started blowing white smoke out both tail pipes . I came to notice it only does it when I turn right as well as it makes a knocking or winding sound . then a big cloud of white smoke is coming out . but it does not do this every time I go right
I'm think starter relay or ignition relay
Car won’t start, won’t boost, no dashboard lights, start button flickering, key pod holder flickering, brake pedal won’t depress
While driving and stopping at a light when I press and hold brake my rpm's drop but not enough to die the car out. At times it will also vibrate a little. Why does this happen?
I hit a curb at about 20 miles an hour all four tires went over the curb the front end was knocked out of alignment almost a full degree on both sides the shop did the alignment the steering wheel is level there's no vibration and the car drives straight even when braking however it makes sort of a woo woo woo helicopter noise at 58 miles an hour
how experienced are cheavy dealers with nissain xterra...mechanics should I bring it to Nissan instead? I bought it from a cheavy dealer..
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