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Hottest day of the year my AC hose blew I replace the hose recharge the system and the system doesn't seem to be producing as cold as it was the day before
I loosened the fixing nut on the tension pulley and then unscrewed the tension nut itself. The pulley did not move and won't even after striking with a hammer. As well, now the tension bolt will no longer thread in.
I have a 2002 mistubushi lancer .. car was ideling high .. then started overheating there is no thermostat in it .. there is broken motor mount .. and tail lights won't work right so don't know if there is a electric to r I can
Both coils work- (I switched them around to test)-but passenger side coil will not fire. I read 12v from the black w/ white stripe wire. Can a bad cam position sensor not engage only one coil?? Or a crank sensor?
Where should I look?
I recently installed a stereo which caused a short and popped all the speakers in my car. then my fuse blew for the power outlets in my car so i was attempting to replace it and pulled the wrong fuse. it ended up being an important fuse in the car. it was labeled 12volt and it has the shape of a black box. i put it back into its original spot and the car continued to work so i went about my day. then the next day i went out to buy replacement speakers, took a look at the inside of the driver's side door, i unplugged the cable connected to the bad speaker so i could see if i needed a speaker harness (i did unplug the battery before doing any of this), and then i reassembled everything and went about my day. i did not test to see if the car was working. then later that day i tried to turn on the car and it had this rough idle, a weird noise, oil and battery light were on, and i couldnt drive it as it rolled backwards in drive. can anyone tell me whats wrong?
The only way my car will start is with a jump. Battery tests good,put a new starter on still same problem, put a new alternator and new belt on still have same problem. I was wondering if that fuse on the positive cable have to be there becasuse it broke would that or could that be why My car will not start on its own?
2006 endeavor is turning but won't crank. I have replaced with a timing kit, a new fuel pump and battery and now it's not getting any fire to the fuel pump. What could the problem be?
The handle doesn't feel broke, but the tailgate doesn't lay down. Not sure how to remove to tryto manually unlock
It runs and drives but all the dash warning lights come on about 15 mins after you start it

I have a ’93 Mitsubishi Galant which has a Multi-link suspension in the back
and the front.

I recently came up to this issue that when i’m turning and give throttle to exit
the turn, the wheels won’t straighten on their own (both directions).

which they would normally do on any vehicle. the wheels are aligned as well and everything checks out basically.

I do some mechanic work myself what do you think the issue is?
Instrument gauges stop working and light indicator. Also cannot get the window to operate (electric). Also another thing that not related but the car stop running and got a new battery but it lasted for a day before it stop running again. Any suggestion to what is causing these problems??
D problem has bin on since a yr nw.n is like d fuel is not moving,if I start d car,is like d fuel is breaking somewhere.I jt mid help please,I HV change d fuel pump and d fuel fitter ,I don't know wat else to do again,i jt mid ur respond fast pls,I do hear noise from d fan belt area,n pls were can I gt a mistushi mechanic here in Lagos Nigeria.
when stopped at a stop light the a.c. suddenly goes hot and blows hot air. but when moving it goes cold again. any thoughts on what the problem is?
I got speakers from another car (Audi) I was just wondering if there's a way to use them in my Mitsubishi i know that I can't coneect it because of the harness of the wire is not the same as the Mitsubishi so I was wondering is there a harness to buy that will be able to make this work or what do I got to do because I got a pair of nose speakers and I wanted to take out the infinity speakers
Soon as the key is turned the fan runs,even without the a/c or engine running.
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