Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Questions

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Replaced with new battery in key fob (its a remote start) and still not starting. Drove car this morning, went to leave for lunch and saw the warning message and it won't start.

Is there something else I need to do once I change the battery? A reset button or something like that possibly?
Ok.the car crank good. But when I turn it off. The key some times will not go to the office .lock up and the key want come out.
The service manual recommends having these inspected and adjusted 30,000 miles. I had mine checked at the mitsubishi dealer for the first time at 69,000 miles. They found them to be within spec at .008" intake and .012" exhaust clearances. No adjustments needed, but the bill was $348 to find this out. Is this being too precausious by mitusibishi or do they really need an adjustment at some period well the 30,000 miles?
When I turn my lights on only the headlights and tail lights come on. My front markers and plate lights do not come on. I have checked the fuses and bulbs. Not sure what to look at now. All my indicator lights work so I know the bulbs are getting power.
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