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altenator goes out matter of 2 days new battery drained in 3 days
the care seems to track and go left to right ever so this a steering box problem.
Driver Side Brake light doesn't come on when pedal depressed. The light is on when the headlights are on but doesn't glow brighter when pedal depressed. I have checked the bulb (dual filament, swapped bulb with passenger side and problem stayed on the driver side) , fuse and the brake light switch, all are good. The passenger brake light works fine.
I installed deck yesterday and tonight battery and brake light on very dim though. I unpluged negative cable from battery didnt turn off So it s not alternator.need help ASAP GOT TO GO WORK IN THE MORNING
brought vehichle in to have oil changed was told head gasket was leaking also service engine light came on
My truck won't pass emissions the computer says 5 computers ready 3 NOT and they told me to find out what the drive cycle is for my vehicle and then it should be ready for emissions
it is missing, but not as bad as it was. what else could it be, someone thought it might be plug wires. plz help if you know anything about it.
Went to store last night after making left hand turn my blinker stayed on. My right one will not work left stays on no matter what position switch is in.
hello, look I just had to change my crankshaft sprocket/gear & my balancer pully on my 2002 Montero sport & now it wont start.I was able to start it before. let me explain in more detail...first I had changed just the crankshaft sprocket cause the pin was sheered off & I put on the same balancer pulley on. then I started the engine to check everything it was running for 30 sec. then the belts popped off so I realized the balancer came loose. so I took everything apart again & realized the pin sheered again so I replaced the sprocket & the balancer put everything back together and now it wont start,i've triple checked the timing & its timed, but it seems like its not geeting gas, cause I can't hear the fuel pump turn on when I turn the key on. could you please help me?
I have had my tires balanced several times and it's only getting worse feels like my car is going to go off the road it shakes my whole arm they said my tires might be egg shaped but they aren't old help me please
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