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2001 Montero Sport: Alternator was not charging properly. Would only seem to charge while vehicle was running at a higher rpm than idle.On the way to work the car stalled violently for a split second, then all power to accessories(interior lights, door locks, power windows, radio) went out. Transmission will now not shift into 4th gear and N is flashing on instrument panel. Took car to shop and technician said alternator was not putting out any charge at all. Had alternator replaced; also replaced fuses for door locks, radio and power windows. Windows work, but doors will not lock when car is started. Checked fuse box in engine compartment and found out that100 amp fuse for alternator was blown. Replaced it; now interior lights are working but doors will still not lock. Also transmission still wont shift into 4th gear and jerks hard when shifting from Park to reverse.

pully bolt came loose read thay done a recall for that will the dealership still fix that

While driving the service engine light came on first, then when I came to a stop light they came on simutaneously, going on and off at the same time. I did not to long ago have my alternator replaced, which is what I noticed from looking on line most comments made state it might be going out.

it has !60,000. miles on it.

oil coming from cam seal. Need to replace seal.

when driving for long distances or even when i put on air conditioning radiator over heats and over flows the coolant.

Replaced battery with new one now the flashers are on and won't go off.

Hello, I have a Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2.4L 2000 to warm up the engine at normal temperature and speed, engine revs rise and fall on the tachometer before turning off the engine and the computer does not show any code. Someone who can help me? Thanks, Russ

tried putting car in neutral and running engine. runs rough and will not idle

i just bought this car used from a wholesale dealer

All of the bulbs have been checked and are not burnt. When I turn the lights on at night the rear running lights and dashboard lights only work when the brakes are engaged. What could the problem be and how much will the repairs cost?

noisy belts they have been replaced recently

its a 2000 montero Sport 3.0,

went all the way the to past 16V, which on this car is over charging. The digital compass and tempeture would go off and on. When ever I can to a stop light and was just setting, not under throttle it would all go back to normal. Does anyone have a clue what would be caudsing this?

What do I do? I when I press on the brake I have no brake lights at all.

Is the cruise control in a Montero Sport ES a fuse? if so where is the fuse located?

2002 Montero Sport ES

these problems seem to be common of a montero sport, but confuse mechanics. just replaced a totally dead battery, then had the alternator tested as well. these now work fine, also replaced the 60amp volt. the car also burns through oil really fast and we have to top it off like every 200miles, the car has 286000 on it.

they could only find 2. are their 4 or are they just retarded. i never had a problem with it before and have never did any mods to my car. how do you add 2 more o2 sensors confused please help

oxygen sensors are out

The old one had chunks knocked off the edges. It seemed like extreme wear. The mechanic din't install it right and when I got to the shop, the pin wasn't even there anymore.

I was told by a friend I have a cracked heater core, I don't know! I have what looks like steam or smoke & the smell of the radiator coming thru the vents on the interior. Also I have what looks like corrosion & rust in the radiator reservoir.

Took my car to have the valve cover gaskets replaced because of an oil leak..Went to pick it up and they tell me the power steering pump went out..It was working fine when I dropped it off.could they have done something to it? It makes an awful noise!

has 200,000 + miles , just had new starter , new water pump , time and belt, ,but whenever i come to a stop with the vehicle in drive it cuts off unless i put it in neutral and give it gas. Usually if it is in park will not cut off. The alternator was also bad so replaced it thinking it may have had something to do with it stalling. Still stalling help

I took my car to the shop on Saturday, I asked them to do my tune up & major service,they go to do the work and come tell me that there is oil where my spark plugs so i asked what does that mean, the guy say will im going to have to replace your valve cover gasket, so they do that and i go to get my car an i here this knocking sound im like what the heck ,the guy at the shop say now we have to replace your cadillac converter on the driver side...well in my mind im thinking my car was not sounding like that when i drop it off... Im so upset well.... my question is, Is it something they done or was it something that was about to happen?

service enngine light is on and read out indicates O2 senor is bad. Thanks

to fix valve cover gasket

How much should they charge to fix it

How much should they charge to fix it

have checked fuses and bulbs all good need to know where to start next