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My power steering went out and battery light came on while driving last week. I pulled over and shut engine down. Opened hood and saw belts loose or off. Drove approx. 1/4 apparently they had removed this bolt then and claimed it was already broken but had enough treads left to reuse along with some lock
tite. After pulling in I turned engine off and told mechanic what had just happened. Little while later he started my car and drove it under a bay to look at problem then restarted with second guy under hood. A piece of metal flew out and hit the guy so they shut it down and told me what happened.
The next day I was told they found the broken off crank bolt under the vehicle and that the treads in crankshaft had been damaged beyond repair. They think I will need a new crankshaft or rebuilt engine. They are saying no liability on their parts since bolt had been broken two years earlier when they replaced a timing gear that had broken. I believe they did not properly inform me then or now and they should assume part or all the liability to repair my vehicle.

The truck slowly lost power and then died and will not restart

The truck slowly lost power and then died and will not restart

My truck blows cold air when the rpms are below 2000. The blower motor works. I tried changing the thermostat and that didnt fix it. Fluid levels are good. I dont understand what else it may be. Please help.

When I unlock or lock my doors from using the unlock button on my door, the left side door makes a loud sound similiar to a buzzer or alarm. There is no alarm system on my car.

everytime i start the engine shortly after within seconds you get a strong gas fume smell, not an exhaust smell but more of a gasoline smell, any ideas as to why that is?
i have taken it to the repair shop a few times for brakes and other assorted things yet none of the mechanics say anything about it like it is normal or something.

got up the other morning and went to warm the truck and after 20 mins got in and the truck was not warm, had to leave so went to take the kid to school and the heater started blowing, it does everytime i am driving but idling goes back to cool air, what can be done to fix it?
i have checked the coolant levels and those are right and on the money

I had to replace the alternator, belts and battery. Found out oil been leaking into skid plate. Had valve gaskets replaced still leaking oil do you know where this is coming from?

i need to find out what parts i need to remove and how to do it so i can do my valve cover gaskets. i do not want to break of damage anything. i also do not want to remove parts that don't need to be touched. please help me i need some pointers

2000 mitsubishi montero sport 3.o v6 2wheel drive.
I need to replace my valve cover gaskets. I KNOW HOW TO REMOVE THE VALVE COVER AND DO THE GASKETS. I do not know how to remove everything in my way, and what to remove. i do not want to take off anything that i do not have to. Does anyone know how to and can give me a detailed description on how to?

Recently with in the last five months I have changed the altenator 4 times last one was two weeks ago and oil from the front cam seal is leaking on the altenator.I have also changed the battery twice. was wondering if this is that hard of a job that i can do myself or if there are any special tools needed for the job. ir if its not that exspensive let the profesonal do it I do have faith in my ability.

Our 2003 Montero Sport sputters once the engine gets warm and will continue to do this every couple of minutes, its as if you are running over the rumble strips on the side of the highway. We have changed the catalytic convertors and also put new plugs and wires on the vehicle but it didn't get rid of the problem. Wanted to know if someone had a better clue on what to possibly check. This things were changed after the vehicle went to the dealer and was checked by their computer. Could this possibly be the mass air flow sensor, or the O2 sensor?

gasket leak from front and is o2 sensor necessary to fix?

How can I replace myself-is there something unusual for this car compared to my Chevy and Dodge?

When the problem presents I turn off the A/C for a couple of minutes and then it starts to work fine again, also if I set the blower to the max. sometimes it helps.
It always feels like the engine of the car is really suffering when the A/C is on, it does not overheats or anything but it just feels like is "overworking" more than what the normal would be. Also it makes way more noise, I know this because this is the second Montero Sport I have and I know how is supposed to sound and feel when the A/C is running.
Another thing is that if the temperature outside is 80 or over it does not cools off if the car is park or going at a very low speed.

I want to be able to do some of the small repairs for this used vehicle that i just purchased.

i have a 2001 mitsubishi montero sport

i am thinking that the sensor need to be replace .

The AC at times works for about 1 to 2 minutes, then it completely stops working and only hot air comes out.

it acts just like a bad power booster but it has been replaced twice. pedal stops with plenty of room left but car still moves a bit before stopping.

can a non mechanic remove a catalytic converter. And how do you do it?

What are the parts needed for a tune up

I've had some trouble with the AC Compressor locking up, and was told by the mechanic that I would likely have to replace this in the future. This is an expensive repair (close to $1000). I am somewhat handy when it comes to working on vehicles, and I have the available time. I need some GOOD instructions on replacing the AC Compressor on my 02' Montero Sport. Anyone ever done one?

how to replace the ignition switch on a 2002 mitsubishi montero sport

The head gasket is blown.

How do I remove the headlight lens in order to clean

When using the accessory plug with our childs TV, it quit working. There are no blown fuses. The lighter also does not work. The fuses for the accessory and lighter checked out ok.

sight glass shows bubbles then clear.
slight squeal on belt when ac goes to warm air.
will continue to start cold then go warm. will not stay cold air.

i have a 1998 mitsubishi montero sprot 2Wd 2.4L 5 speed. i need to know what is the transmission oil pan gasket called and i also need to know what transmission fluid does it take? i have replaced the gasket once and used RTV sealant but it is still leaking. i have been looking everywhere and cant find that gasket only, because i dont know the name of the gasket. please help

does this car have an ac clutch