Mitsubishi Mirage G4 Questions

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I had no problems before and I heard nothing. The sway started but I payed it no mind seeing as the car is super light and I was driving through the huge storms that hit last week, so I was being blown all over the road. I drove from Louisiana to Kentucky and then the steering got awful. So I pulled over and.the wheel had a slight tilt. Within the next mile it was impossible to control. So I pulled over and there was fluid leaking then. I drove a quarter mile to a hotel and parked it. I was concerned the tire would go flat so put a jack under it and as I raised the jack the tire stayed as if it were completely disconnected. The dealership I had to towed to called and said it was "ok to drive even though it was sitting a little funny. Am I responsible or does it fall on the warranty?
Stoped 3 times to fill gas tank and died got 5 gallons of gas pumped and died all 3 times, never happened before. At 9000 miles oh shit handle feel off. Notice as well gas and trunk leavers are extremely loose, mounting screw was backed almost all the way out hanging on by one thread.
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