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the pipe from the water pump to the heater hose
No power when shifting
Serpentine belt on 1992 Mitsubishi Mighty Max broke on my way home from work I lost power and the truck overheated I told the truck home bought a new belt put it on and now it won't start it's cranking but it seems like it's not getting gas I turn the crankshaft clockwise and it locks up and don't turn anymore I turn it back counterclockwise and like I said he acts like it wants to crank but it will not start
Replaced my shift cable, previous owner made an interesting cable adjuster for the bottom bracket. Is there supposed to be something down there or are my fork bent. I do have the upper spacer in
The engine was overhauled. New fuel pump, filter and pressure regulator installed. Checked for vacuum leaks all ok. MAS cleaned, tps replaced, computer was replaced by previous owner around 2000. Fuel pump relay is clicking.
Everything thing else works on the truck . All lights and signals work perfect . Just no running light
Idle fine just when trying to drive won't pick up speed
The battery will crank, there is no click sound, can't get it to flood. Sounds like it is fuel related. So I believe all you have is fuel filter, fuel pump, or a fuse? So what do you think and where would I find these things?
changing the valve cover gasket now, and sealing the timing belt cover back with some rtv. Ticking was loud all the time but would change up as if it was a bearing issue in the transmission. still trying to pin point
I have a unlock button on my 92 mighty max on my dash under the gauge cluster to the right of my steering wheel I was wondering what it was for
What i can do to solve this trouble?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? When the motor is hot the problem appears
How long have you had this problem? 3 weeks
Yesterday was running fine stopped at the store, then it wouldn't start. Towed it home, got home from work and tried it it started. I started it a few times seemed fine and then it starts low rough idle and it dies out
How long have you had this problem? Just started
Can an average guy replace them his self?
Have a 1994 2.4 L Mitsubishi Mighty Max. All of a sudden the oil gauge was not reading any pressure. Replaced oil pressure sending unit. Now when the ignition switch is turned on (engine not running) the gauge immediately pegs out on high and slowing returns to no pressure. Code reader shows no electrical problems. Do bad analog gauges act this way?
when accelerating sputters and hesitates when shifting, Dies at stop lights
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