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my car has a small shake between 100km/h and 120km/h i had a flat tire due to a seperated tire and i recently changed said tire and the shake has gone down quite a bit but its still there . any ideas ?
I also hit the ditch very slowly but had to get a buddy to pull me out . I noticed the shake almost 48 hours later . hope this makes sense . ps. 4x4 required maintenance light came on .
Changed compressor. Took wire connected to another relay port. It works put doesn't work when the relay is in original place.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? N/a
I'm trying to locate my pcv valve and it's not located on top. I can't seem to see it.
its takes about 2-4 seconds it makes a sound like its struggling to turn on..
Half empty goes to empty when running. What can I do
Batteries are good.

When I start the car the only button that show signs of life is Aux which you can only press one time (right after starting up car, On position wont work). The hazards are flashings and the doors lock-unlock once (I guess this is the programming mode).

The receiver behind my rear view mirror doesn't flash anymore (Usually Pulse Blue Light).
By the way I noticed that my horn would honk by itself sometimes while driving.

I'm not sure about the name of the system (Installed at the dealership in 2006 Quebec,Canada), But on the sticker you can read "P5U Rev 1.14A".

Fuse (15) is good.

Thanks for you help!
Every morning when I first put the car in reverse it starts vibrating very loud, usually when I hit the brakes. It also vibrates when I push on the gas in drive...
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