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There is no leaks and the car is not running hot. It is just blowing cold air
My lights began to flicker, then stop working. The power windows stopped working as well. This all happened when I tried changing the battery post myself.
No exhaust leaks
Ok there is a plug right in front on manifold what is it called
I already started the car now its running rough
Car still running hot after getting a intake gasket put on what could it be??
My key got broken and need a replacement
From a v6
Car has 74,000 miles on it. Replaced battery 2 days ago and since there is a little orange light that is lit on speedometer next to 0mph when headlamps are on. Cannot find anything in owners manual or my Chilton repair book. I can take a picture if it helps but have not done so yet.

Ivan Rotkovitz
It started to drive like I had the brakes down
On hills my car rolls back
squeaky noise when starting up and goes away when drove for awhile.
Already changed speed sensor
After she's warm up in a couple of of minutes she's fine what could be b the cause of this?
The srs light came on also the aini lock light then car started making noise then I turned car off now it won't turn back on what's wrong wit it?
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