Mitsubishi Galant Questions

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I hear a swishing noise each time I make turns and I also hear water moving from side to side.
How long have you had this problem? A month
it is a 4 cyl
The floor is wet and I'm always putting in antifreeze every other day
There are 2 antenna wires coming from car and only one hole in my aftermarket stereo.
There are also 2 extra plugs that i have nowhere to plug in
Tengo liquen por el tapón no tienen rosca gracias
While driving and listening to radio, it cuts out and phone is displayed, then returns to radio mode. I believe car is not Bluetooth ready
could it be the transmission module
Battery went dead now transmission want want kick in the gears
Question about how engine cover attaches to motor?
the fan runs at all times, changed the relay switch but when i turned the a/c on then off the fan still runs what could be the problem
On. And sometimes car on stop sign and turns off
Had oil change and checked brake fluid 3 days before. No brake fluid leak, no light turned on before accident. What caused the brakes to fail. Added brake fluid the day after checked fluid in afternoon and it was low, but no fluid leak.
where is the crankshaft sensor located?
when my car is turned off the running lights come on also the blower stays on at times when the car is turned off
or just motor mounts its ls 3.0 4.3
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