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chaged the 2 plugs and 2 wires just before this occured. car was running rough but gave no signs of befor it stalled
I got this car about a month ago. Issues with starting. I noticed there is a small electrical or fuse box of some sort attatched to the positive cable/terminal. I don't know what this is or what it is for. I would like to replace my terminals, but I'm not sure I should remove this device.
Has some noise like knocking
What can be wrong with my car. I was on the highway i was driving 70 it started slow down to 60 and if press on gas it mad horrible noise. I pulled over then my car wouln't go faster then 20mph and now it won't start
Is not shifting at a stop idles rough.
Gaskets stickn n there real tight
car was a rough start on a cold day unless I pumped the gas pedal. Finally while I was driving when I would slow down to a stop the car would vibrate, it got so bad it would shake unless I fed it gas. Took to check alt and voltage reg failed so I replaced it. Went to turn the engine and it didnt want to start. Once again I tried while pumping gas and it started for 30 seconds then it died. tried it again the next day and it wouldnt even turn over. tried again and it turned slow but wouldnt fire up. multi meter tested it nothing wrong with my starter or electrical, possibly the fuel pump or relay or the timing belt. would like to try and figure it out before i spend $150 on new fuel pump or 4 hours to get to the timing belt.

cut the car off it will not start back up have to wait awhile and then it starts back up.This happens every time
When I start driving my mitsubishi galant the temperature Guage will run up to about half way in less than a mile and then it gets interesting some times it will take 5 more miles to get to 3/4 sometimes not until I get on the highway then I will feel the car almost like something changed gears and the Guage will come back Down then up and will repeat sometimes it won't come down at all unless I use the heat what I have noticed is if I am stopped put the car in neutral and back into drive something kicks on and will drop the needle the fans are on so I have no idea what it could be please help thank you
I took my car to autozone and they put the machine on it and they said i need to replace the crankshaft position sensor, but I have no idea where it's located, video or step by step on where and how to replace it
Have an obdII diagnostic tool and it says that all four of my o2 sensors have failed. Service engine light is on. Is there a central point where there may be a bad connection?
A/C works and blows cold air. Changing it to different settings works just fine too, but I just don't get any heat when I switch to it. Also when warming up the engine or driving for awhile I notice the coolant level doesn't reach the halfway mark at all.

Could it be a worn water pump or a clogged system? I have no idea. I would just like to have an idea of what could possibly be wrong with it before taking it into the shop for repairs.

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