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I have to have new brakes on 2009 Mitsubishi Galant 4 Cylinder & I am not sure what type is the best to put on.

brake light continuously goes out, it comes back on once i mess with it but then turns off shortly after. im guessing its a short but how do i locate the source? any suggestions would be appreciated thank you for help.

it goes into park and reverse fine. but its will not change gears it stays in 3rd when in drive . and it will not change manually

bought it frm a guy drove it home pferctky problems..went go the store car dies..start it bak up..dies agian..ever since tht put new colis in it still not getting spark..put new crak an cam sensior. still no spark..took the timing belt cover off..has 2 belts i beleive called balance belt its snaped..bought a new one put it in. timed it..still not this point believe now its the ignition failure switch. need help at this point..plzz

the a/c then starts to blow hot air ,i also notice oil in the area of the compressor .

I've watched my dad and granpda do it but never myself and im afraid of messing something up. i know you attach the gauge to the low pressure side and run the car and ac on full blast but is there anythig else i should know? obv watch the pressure, but is there a specific brand or kind thats the best? please help asap!!!!

Fuel pump is OK but not getting electricity

All motor mounts were replaced and the top of my engine was rebuilt 5 years ago and the problem was minimized. The problem is still happening and it is just getting worst.
I have taken my car to Mitsubishi dealer and they still can not tell me what causes this problem.

no codes. Occurs on level ground or slight uphill, usually when in traffic at 30+/- Stumble stops when throttle moved (open or close)

bought my car at 160k 2 months ago. The man I bought it from told me it needed an o2 censor. I've put it off due to lack of money. My car sputters & stalls when going in reverse, coming to a stop & in idle. Yesterday the rpms were higher than usual when starting, it stalled on me 3 or 4 times before finally leaving the driveway. Even once it got going it was sputtering more than usual & on the verge of stalling. I had no brakes or power steering. Drove it about 5miles before deciding to pull over...well involuntarily coasting off the road really. Replaced front o2 censor & did not fix the problem. Could this be the second o2 censor needs replacement or is it something more? I guess this problem has been building over time but the night before my car was fine & then very first thing in the morning this happens. I cant spend very much more money fixing what isn't causing the problem. Help please?

So what's wrong with the car??

the window was tempered with and are now off ntrack and i can not close the window

my galant ES squeaks loudly just outside the firewall where the power steering lines connect to it. im not that familiar with DSM parts so do i just need to lubricate it? or is there something else that needs to be done? also can i get some tips on how to fix this because i dont have all data anymore.

After pulling up the carpet and drying, I drove the car through rain and when it is dry weather and the floor has not been wet again. HAS THIS HAPPEN TO ANYONE ELSE? Also I replaced the cabin filter. Could the water be coming from underneath the car?

the flange on the strut assy - where the spring sits- is touching the tire .

this happens sometimes and also when making a left turn

what should he do, just bought this 10,500.00, no warrenty, sametime dealer out of business

We have replaced the o2 sensors and the battery is good and has a brand new alternator on it. the fuel pump comes on and now the windows will not roll down and the doors will not lock. please help. We were driving it down the road and then the speedometer kept dropping and then the car just shut off.

The engine fuse blows and when i change it, the car runs again for a while and then it happens again. I had the ECM fixed and it still happens. What could cause this??

So I stopped the car on the side of the road and wanted to start it again, but the battery was dead. So I used a charger, the car started and then I drove a few meters and it cut out again. I had engine power/light but no spark and no fuel spraying to fire the engine up. we checked all the fuses and they are all fine, we looked and the car gets no spark and no fuel, but we hear the Fuel Pump working. Please HELP....

the car has over 200,000 miles its a 99 galant with a v6 engine

i was installing my dvd stereo and well connecting my ground the interior lights went out also the remote locck

motor revs but car does not move! what could it be???

Im pretty sure either my fuel pump is about to go out or my fuel pressure regulator is bad. How can I tell which it is? Car was running great and suddenly started to stall out. Took my foot off the gas and it stayed running for a short while. The moment I push the gas pedal even in park, the engine bogs down like its not getting gas. I thought if the regulator was bad, it would still run but generally rich and would see it in my exhaust. But im not seeing anything to indicate that. Could the pump be almost dead? What should the fuel pressure be on the fuel rail when I check it? Thank you in advanced for any help.


what is the proper gauge settings for cylinder valves on a 2004 2.4l galant?

In trying to recrank it,it kinda acted like it was out of fuel,went got fuel just to make sure it was not out and it and still want crank but will turn over

Brake lights work, just no parking lights,dash, license plate illumination will not work.

could it be to much oil

My check engine light came on and the car vibrates when I'm driving and gets a lot worse when I backup and idle at a light for example.

I rolled down the window, heard a snap/pop and the window wouldn't go back up. The guy at the shop said the belt broke. Now trying to research how to change it ourselves. Please help!!! 2003 Galant GTZ. power windows.