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Battery and oil light also went on while I was driving at the time the everything happened. Within the last week my car would fluctuate first gear and drop to zero when in reverse? Not all the time but twice in that week. No problems ever before. I had a standard oil change and inspection before all this happened at jiffy lube
The car is hesitating and jerking. I see the three in front, but the silver cover over the other ones, I don't know what it's called.
and it's not the belt. My car only has 63,000 miles on it and I have never heard of this problem. My car made a squealing noise for about 2 min. and then I can hardly turn. my car
My heater won't work
Trans installed 3 weeks ago. Working fine then now wont stay started in drive gear
ok, summer the ac will work on occasion, reason being.i switch it on an at most times within 1 min the light on the fan control switch will blink and i have no ac.worth noting at times on extreamly hot days the ac will work for a couple hours. very strange. Now winter,Heater 'NOT'This is also an ongoing problem the only time i get any amount of heat is while driving heat leavel switch all the way on, fan switch on low. not alot . If i increase the fan it turns cold. but i use this car daily, no heat, no defroster, more people in car harder to see out windows. although i find that if i flush and back flush the system i will have plenty of heat for a few days.although i have no remedy for ac problem.i myself feel this is a circulating problem. just a gut feeling.

air worked for 2 years and then it stopped had it fixed cost 1500.00 and it worked for 2 months and quit again. Anyone else have this problem? And how do I get it fixed?
What is going on on?
Checked and replaced timming belt, there was no problem with the old belt. all the timming marks were aligned right. Still have low compression 90# to 50# Motor ran perfectly smooth when i last turned it off. still turns over but wont start. Plug look fine all rockers go up and down. Never overheated. HELP
My car will start up an run normal for at least 15 minutes then it dies down it wont start for a period of time, after that time it'll start up and run for another short time, it seems like if the engine is flooding or something is overheating, because the time it takes to start again, i have changed the fuel pump, ignition solenoids, checked fuel pressure, the engine itself is not any hotter than usual. when i try stating it, it starts up thens dies back down immediately until i let it sit for awhile, i cant get a code because the check engine light only comes on when it dies down, the check engine light does not continuously stay on, only until after it dies down
driving my 2012 Mitsubishi Galant & all of a sudden the oil signal &car cut off
This happened at the same time. According to my research these two accessories are on two different fuses. Is it possible they both went out at the same time?
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