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i think my transmission fluid may be low. A neighbor checked it when it was cold, but told me to check again when it is hot. Now I cannot find the dipstick to check--I know it is somewhere on the left side facing me (passenger side of car) but I cannot find it. Manual has been lost for years.
I have a 92 Expo LRV and this light came on the dashboard.
-Yellow light with a carousel-looking sign

Have not been able to find explanation elsewhere. Please help if you know. Thank you in advance.
When the engine is cold the starer sometimes works ( 1.8 engine ) but is getting worst. sometimes I try for 10 minutes until finalize works...and works 1 or 2 times and then doesn't work sometimes I try for few minutes until suddenly works 1 time only. maybe is the "relay". I replaced the starer 3 years ago. Iam glad is standar trans. so sometimes I have to push it and jump in and star the engine with second gear. sometimes the starer works few times with no problem but must of the time I have t try to star the car for several minutes. the ignition key is ok because I hear a "click" inside the dashboard NOT from the starer.
Seems to happen when accelerating uphill. If I pull off and stop, it will be okay again for a while. This is an intermittent problem that mechanic was not able to reproduce. He replaced the throttle position sensor and it ran fine for about 400 miles. Then near the end of a 200mi trip I had to accelerate uphill and it happened again, I pulled off and stopped for awhile, then finished the trip on surface streets. Mechanic says to bring it in when it is happening, but in the last two weeks of around town driving, its been fine.
Id like to know how likely it is that this fuel filter can be cleaned off and spared. Or bite the bullet and get the new part. My engine sounds great, but it idles out while driving and shuts off during operation or reverse. If I pump the fuel it creeps & jerks back up to speed. It's time for fixing.
I bought this car from a friend. He said that he think the problem started when he replaced the starter. Also the key was lost and the man i bought this car from gave me one he had,had made,but never used.And the lights flash when the key is put in it sometimes.
Just started it.
All is for 1993 Mitsu Expo LRV, auto. I want to swap a 2.4 engine into my 1.8 Expo LRV. Same year. Mounts seem to be the same. Will transmission bolt up ??
i ran out of gas and then the battery ran down while trying to start it. now it spins but no combustion at all. what can i do? checked the fuel pump and filter but they were fxning. tested plug, no spark at all, i think antitheft my have crippled my car. never used an alarm and had it running perfectly for over a year w no problems starting. i also want to find diagnostic codes but i'm afraid to do anything till it's started
I hear a clicking in the car when I turn the key on and off, is there a cylinoid to the fuel pump that may be bad.
cant figuire whats wrong with my 1994 expo.engine starts and idles but wont go. wont back up or anything.i heard it could be a tourque converter. do you know where this is located? i have a cell phone number u can text me its 985-590-8107. thanks
my 1992 Mitsubishi Expo LRV run great, but sometimes stalls and loses power. It will eventually be OK, but so intermittant it is hard to get the problem diagnosed.
How do i fix this??
they changed the speed sensor on my car and now it doesnt want to start, it sounds like the gas isn't passing what can it be?
What would cause my 1992 Mitsubishi Expo LRV engine to stall out when making a hard right turn? Most of the time it will re-start.
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