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Idles rough when in park every once in awhile. And has been during on me when I come to a stop. My husband has already replaced spark plugs.

manual transmission 220,xxx miles never been rebuilt when i start my car in the morning or after an hr of not driving a few secs after i release the clutch i hear a loud rattling sound push in the clutch it goes away. or if after starting hold the clucth for a few mins and it wont rattle when the transmission warms up after a bit of driving not one more peep out of it unless i rev the engine i took a stethoscope and it doesnt sound like the releasebearing or release cylinder/bearing fork i can barely hear it in the bellhousing i hear it maily coming from the transaxle with a stethoscope anyone have an idea which bearings could be making that sound maybe a ring or something i dont no much about transmission they r not my area of expertise my expertise is in the engine any help would greatly be appreciated

i have change reverse and 1 forward gear and its not tha low gear or tha highest its in between

idle is fine. just kinda putts and dies when i try to drive it.

When I drive over uneven pavement or hit bumps, it sounds/feels as though something is loose underneath the car, driver side. Just started recently. Any suggestions?

gas gauge string or wiring issue if there is
one d/t radio in/out and sun visor lamp out also does this sound more like a wiring issue?

It just started and is getting worse. It is getting louder and louder

i replaced my EGR valve a year ago.My car started surging, the troubleshoot code for EGR valve came up, so i replaced the valve again, the old EGR valve was full of sludge so i put the new one on, and the car is still surging.In fact it is getting worse .

iit had fire ckd codes replaced cam sensor won't start now it says po183 fuel heat sensor is this a dealer part and where is it

coil also gets hot ans burns oiut.I canged plugs ,coils,woores,coolant sens,cam sens,crnkshft sensor,fault sensor ,iac,tps ansd relays and also gets power please HELP

I have water coming in the car from my evaporator.

I was installing lights. And I checked if I blew any fuses and I reset the computer nothing worked... Help!!

Ok here's my problem. I let my car sit for a few weeks. Started it and went to a gas station and filled up. Went to work without any issues. When I went on my lunch break my car stalled about a mile down the road. Ran scanner and I was throwing a code for bad egr valve. Replaced egr still got the code and won't start. Replaced egr solenoid and the code was gone. Car still working through start. Ran scanner again and got a code stating the iac idle was low. My car will start if you are giving it gas. The fuel pump is running. If you hold gas at normal idle and let it warm up it will stay running at 400 rpm. And it will throw light white smoke from time to time that doesn't smell like coolant. Any help is welcome. Thanks!

I evacuated the system and disconnected the lines to check that the condenser isn't plugged by blowing by filtered air through the system.

The low and high side switch works. If it has too high of a charge, the compressor won't turn on. If it has too low of a charge, the compressor won't turn on.

I replaced the drive belt and adjusted the tension during installation.

The central console switch(s)work.

I'm not sure if the receiver / dryer on the R/F fender well is bad or the evaporator under the dash is bad.

We just bought a 2001 Spyder Eclipse. We do not know when or if the timing belts has ever been replaced. How can we check its condition. What is the ballpark figure if it needs replacing? Thanks!

Looking to buy one, but the heat in it is bad, and I need to know how much it would be to fix ir

It's a1996 4 cylinder 2.0 litre Mitsubishi eclipse

It's a1996 4 cylinder 2.0 litre Mitsubishi eclipse

car would not come out of first gear stuck turned motor off only then could i run thew all gears and car was fine. same proublum 2 days later locked in first turned motor off was fine.difficult to shift threw gears next day car was perfect no hard shifting no lock up .seems to be intermitent replaced slave cyl and bleed no change no leaks pedal feels great and linkage feels good dam it happened again locked in first turn motor off and its good to go seems to be electrial are there any solonoides or relays that could cause this.

Will start with a jump start and runs until it runs out of power , has new battery and alternator on it . Just will not stay charged . Dash board loses power then car cuts off and will not start until it jumped started .

i replaced the turn signal switch and the left turn signal is constant and the right is off

Took car to dealership an had timing belt,balance belt,water pump, an fuel replaced. The transmission worked fine when car was taken in, now park, an reverse work but when put in drive it doesn't pull and the drive indicator light doesn't light up. However, you can pull the A/T fuse and it will drive but I only have 3rd gear and service engine light came on. Any suggestion?

In February 2014 I my fiance bought me a 2002 mitsubishi eclipse (my previous car caught fire still unsure why) I brought it home drove it less than a month it was still getting colder in the evening went out started it let it run and there was a loud roaring from passenger side under hood, it stopped by the time I made it inside so I thought nothing of it came back out and heat and radio and everything was on but engine wasn't running. Will crank but not even start and it's June 17 2014 and it's been in the shop this whole time mechanics all over it we thought it was fuel pump but they tested it nothing wrong.checked timing belt it was in rough shape he changed it put back in time still won't start..put new crank shift censor oil change (because there was gas in oil from cranking) new distributor they have literally been up and down and have had another shop mechanic her in town look at it and they are all puzzled.i take care of my vehicles I just don't spark plugs old ones were wet he said.he says it's getting fire . everything is in check just won't start I need help! They have decided that it is the computer can you test for that even if it's not starting? And how hard is it on this specific car? He was supposed to pull the old one off and get me the serial number so I can get a computer and he said you have to take off the whole dash I don't know what else to do.if and when it gets fixed should I sell??

I just found a crack on my radiator and I have no idea how i received this crack. I would like to know is there a way to fix this problem and what would I need to fix this?

the problem occurs frequently.