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Starts fine turn car off after driving won't start for couple of hours then will run fine.

Turns over and wants to start but won't for a few hours runs fine down road

burns oil fast and seems as if it gets hot under my hood

It will spin over but has no spark to the plugs and timing belt is still in tact!

I had a mechanic friend replace the 2 belts. 3 days later the belt for the alternator ended up shredding and being sucked u into where the timing belt is and now after resetting the timing belt the engine turns over but wont actually start. Is this engine zero tolerance, and are there any tests I can run before ultimately having to replace possible bent heads?

My sunroof lifts up, but it will not open. Any pointers to check to see what is wrong with it or to repair it myself if possible?

sometimes have problems starting the car

can you tell me why my 2002 mitsubishi eclipse with auto trans the engine high revv's before it shift's I am sure that it is something to do electrical as I was messing around with some of the wire's

when checking tranny. no pressure on the fork of throwout bearing. replace flywheel,clutch,pressure plate,bearing,
started to install but still no pressure on fork. looked at old parts still half of clutch plate still good. bearing still good.

I dont hear any noise or anything like that just real hard to go into any gear. Ill appreciate the help

I gained access to the interior of the car since then but the alarm is now active and I can't get into the trunk to disarm alarm system.

when my car is in idol it seems to want to stall, happens not only when idols but when I go to give it gas? Please help, I don't know much about cars.

My car wont start when its hot an my coolant overflow tank starts to bubble.when i open it the coolant is not clear it looks black an when i pour it out you can see the coolants actual color (green)

My car was running fine except a weird noise, like a faint tick last few weeks.. today the car started making a click/clack noise.. it seemed to be timed while idling. 2,3,4,5,click,clack .. 2,3,4,5,click,clack etc.. pulled it into garage and it immediately stalled. did some reading and replace the Camshaft Positioning sensor. But now the car wont start.It cranks but wont turn over and start. It seems like its not getting fuel to system but the battery is also reading FAIL on my neighbors reader. Tried jumping it and it read 13.75V and when we would try to start it would drop to 11.5V... also It has been giving a "low flow EGR" code. I removed the EGR and cleaned it thouroughly, just haven't replaced becuase for some reason its $375 for my car.. PLZ SOMEONE HELP ME!! Im a corrections officer and drive 50miles to work and 50 miles home, this car is my life and I need it to feed my children and wife

It will not start. When you turn the key, you hear cranking but it just wont start up anymore cheek for a code but im not getting any bad code has a new alternator new battery i cheek the star motor is good i was thinking it is a bad crankshaft sensor but the car cranks so i don't now was wrong and has a new fuel pump to please help me

Husband says need to pull crankshaft.but behind that vs there a belt / or chain from diagram.What is it called

I changed a very noisy ps pump and the noise is gone, but the steering is still hard to turn. It is very possible the owner drove with very low fluid and topped it off with power steering fluid with stop leak. Bummer...

Bleeding bubbles yelded very little improvement to the turning. However I was not able to get rid of all bubbles.

Could there be some damage in the rack and pinion?