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Then when I let out on the fuel and RPMs come back down it seems to shift fine until tries to catch the next gear then it vibrates and my RPMs jump all over the place I'm not sure what's wrong with it
Need to know if it has a drain plug for transmission fluid
I want to know about 2012 air bag lighto
on passenger side on .after replacing new battery
Gas pedal will not move
Car shut off and will not start back up
How much is a wire harness for a 2008 Mitchubishi Eclipse Spyder with a 2.4 in it And can I take the motor from it and drop in my 2004 Lancer ES
The inside of my Spyder burnt completely up! Only motor and the body is left that is good. But everything on inside is completely burnt. Where is the computer located on this vehicle
Car won't start and won't give any diagnostic report when connected to the machine
I want to install an electrical oil pressure gauge in addition to the "idiot light" set up from the manufacturer. I want both to be operational so will need to add a part (a block to connect to the engine that will contain both sensors. I am dealing with Summit Gauges and they will find me the parts required if I can give them the data regarding the OEM oil pressure sensor threads into the block. V6 engine 2001 Spyder.
I'm leaking oil bad, had a new water pump put on, now having a bad oil leak
It only works on 4 then the fuse blows
when going up steep grade car looses power. you have to let all way off gas until almost at a standstill and then apply gas. sometimes it will go ,m most of the time it just barsly moves.
we aren't wanting to have to take anything else off of the car. is there a way to put this coil back in the engine without having to take things off of the motor to accomplish this. is there a tool?/ can something be made from home to do this job./
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