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It was bogging out if you would step in it real quick. I replaced maf sensor for that and it doesn't bog anymore but I was getting engine light replaced gas cap it went awa y then the light again this time the O2 sensor. What's next fuel pressure regulator? I had the throttle body and injectors cleaned out with the pressurized solvent. New plugs and plug wires. New battery optima. Any ideas seems like hard to diagnose
When using the air cond water soaks the flooring. The firewall does not look like the others shown on youtube. I have removed the items blocking the view of the firewall from engine side and cannot see what may be leaking? Any details from anyone about this?
At first it blew the rear main seal so i replaced it and it did it again, fixed it again, i thought, but now its blowin oil out of the dipstick tube, theres way to much oil pressure so what do i fix now i replaced the rear seal and the pcv valve what do i do next please gelp me
All parts are orginally from car just need them put back on
It makes a faint clicking sound once. Windows and stereo power all comes on

They just stopped working all at once
My car is cranking and shutting off and it has had 2500 dollars worth of work in it. They said the idol needed to be adjusted and something was broke on the idol adjuster so I got it fixed and now it wont crank at all the next day. It is popping up codes 0506. They cleared them out I'm hoping my car can be fixed. What could be wrong with it?
Car is nocking when engine starts
It keeps blowing the ECM fuse among others what could it be
Car sat for a month once I put a new battery every light on the car came on and won't go off. Tried to crank it but only tried to turn over and spits out windshield wiper fluid.
My car ran great with no problems what so ever and the next day it wouldn't start. It would turn over but wouldn't start. I checked to see if it was getting spark to the plugs and it was not. I checked fuses and everything else and still can't find a solution.
The option wasn't available but it is a 3.0L v6
The idle is real low in gear ?
2009 mitsubishi eclipse. Was shampooing carpet in car when this happened
Need a visual
I've replaced the radiator thermostat and actuator and I still can't get heat to the vehicle
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