Mitsubishi Eclipse Questions

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Starts fine turn car off after driving won't start for couple of hours then will run fine.
Turns over and wants to start but won't for a few hours runs fine down road
burns oil fast and seems as if it gets hot under my hood
It will spin over but has no spark to the plugs and timing belt is still in tact!
I had a mechanic friend replace the 2 belts. 3 days later the belt for the alternator ended up shredding and being sucked u into where the timing belt is and now after resetting the timing belt the engine turns over but wont actually start. Is this engine zero tolerance, and are there any tests I can run before ultimately having to replace possible bent heads?
My sunroof lifts up, but it will not open. Any pointers to check to see what is wrong with it or to repair it myself if possible?
sometimes have problems starting the car
can you tell me why my 2002 mitsubishi eclipse with auto trans the engine high revv's before it shift's I am sure that it is something to do electrical as I was messing around with some of the wire's

when checking tranny. no pressure on the fork of throwout bearing. replace flywheel,clutch,pressure plate,bearing,
started to install but still no pressure on fork. looked at old parts still half of clutch plate still good. bearing still good.
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