Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 Questions

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I took into the emission test center. The tech wouldn't listen to me and put it on dynameter to test. As soon as the test was complete and he turned it off, it died and wouldn't start up. We had to push it out of the station. Waited 20 minutes and it started, so I got home. But now it turns over, but won't stay running.
I eliminated the four wheel steer on my 93 3000gt VR4. The replacement 2 wheel steer reservoir does not accommodate the old cap with the gauge on it.
The fluid is loose all the time. Replacing the rocket pinion is too costly. Thanks.
It fires up and will run and idle but it is missing due to not getting any spark to the number 3 and 6 plugs the plugs and wires r all new as well the coils and just relpaced the ignition control module but still no spark to the number 3 and 6 plugs please help

I am from Lithuania. I have 1994 Mitsubishi GT3000 WR4 Twin Turbo. There are problems with ECU. t's not standart Mitsubishi GT3000 ECU. Specialists of ECU tested it and don't find mechanic or electronic defects or trouble. They said there are problem with programming ECU, ECU needs to be reloaded, but there isn't OBD2 or OBD1 diagnostic connection in my car. My ECU himself have some connection (blue one YAMAICHI FAP-40-07.028B), but there no possibility to connect to this connection in our country, Mitsubishi centre in Lithuania couldn't help me with this problem. What can you recommend me about this problem? Is this possible to buy connection wire for this YAMAICHI FAP-40-07.028B connection and diagnostic CD for this ECU?
Not good because I can't show photos of my ECU.

I got this car after it sat for 3 years and had the engine rebuilt within the last 20,000 has 111,000 miles and starts and runs fast except oil in radiator and oil I need a head gasket or can it be something else
They say that Megan coil overs are about the best value, so I'm looking at those. I'll lose the ECS ability, of course, but I'll be able to adjust them by changing the damping rate. Is it easy to get to both the back and front struts so I'll be able to change the rate without putting the car up on a lift? Thanks in advance.
belts squeal a lot,I tried some anti squeal spray, no luck.
when i changed the plugs the back three plugs the tip was bent to the side car ran great while test driving then shut down now it spins like there is no timing belt on it but cams are turning but no start
It sounds almost like an axel shaft clicking but it makes that noise just letting off the gas. Turning doesn't make any difference in the resonance. When I accelerate, the noise stops. When I let off it clicks.
I've gone through 3 rebuilt alternators in the past year. I have an aftermarket stereo pumping 200 Watts which I'm sure stresses the electrics (but with no headlight dimming). My starter starts clicking when things are starting to go bad (for the alternator) and it's clicking again. I want to find out wazzup with the grounding and improve it - how do I check and what do you recommend? (I can't find any grounding kits specific to the VR-4.) Would a stereo amp capacitor help?
I changed the fuel pump on my 3000GT V-R, twin turbo. Now it won't start and fuel line does not appear to be getting any juice. Any thoughts on what to do?
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