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My battery grounded out and fried all my fuses and ecu changed fuses and ecu now wont rev past 1500 rpms and has fule shut off at wot what else did I fry when the battery overcharged
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It's worse when the engine is warm
How long have you had this problem? A day
Went the light come on on the dash sometime the engine die And sometime the engine light disappear in like three or four seconds and continue like normal but then do it again, I don't know but I feel is the computer because the computer is make a little sound like click
Noise in rear end
First pump also had no pressure so replaced a second time.
Then no start had fire and fuel pressure so replaced fuel regulator and vacuum hose. Care starts runs about every other time u try to start it at about every other day or so intervals. Never know when it going to start and when its not. Any ideas?
battery i ha e to charge on battery charger. when i crank it feeels like it wants to start but it doesnt I purchase the car for $500 knowing it wasent running and needs new fuel pump but still doesnt start
I purchased the car few days ago not running due to needs new fuel pump well we replaced it with new fuel pump and still wont start it cranks like it wants to turn on but fails.there is lots of wires that are not connected or wires just messed up the car was sitting at previous owner home on non operational for 3 years
It won't get over 60 and when I accelerate after it gets to 60 it shoots the RPMs to 4-5k and when going up hills it will shoot the rpms up and I will have to let off the gas and I end up going up hills at 30-40 mph
Just recently unhooked the under glow my car and under it. Had bunch wires run under driver side dash. Need to know if there is a plug in that I missed under the dash that might have got unhooked. Driver side nor passenger side work and its not the window lock button I don't think. Any help would be appreciated thanks
when i push the cruise on switch light comes on but goes off as soon as i release switch
Were good but still cleaned. It doesnt start first time usually takes two to three times. Once iet starts i.can rev all the way out. I try to move an it loses power an starts idling funny. Not sure what my issue is please help
It initially only stalled when coasting to a stop. Now on 100 degree days it stalls even while accelerating. On cool days, e.g.when it rains, and at night it doesn't stall. I work overnights and am personally nocturnal so I don't drive much during the day. There is no engine light or code. When it stalls it's exactly as if I'd turned the ignition off and I can turn the car back on after one or two attempts. The mechanic said when they tried to connect to the computer they got zero communication the first couple of times. They want to replace the ignition because if you tap the key the car does turn off and said bumps in the road could trigger the stall. I tried this and found that it had to be a hard tap, and since I drive the same places at night and during the day the bumps should be the same so I don't see why time of day would affect it. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for your time and help.
Usually the warning light (SRS) goes out within a few seconds after you start the is remaining on and I think it has something to do with the air bag system....HELP!!!!!
All possible causes for limp mode have been checked. The TCM has blown chip. Does the replacement TCM have to be reset or programmed by a dealer before it will work when installed
Automatic...when put into reverse or drive car looses power and moves very slow.bought car cheap,had no transmission,bought rebuilt tranny,changed fuel filter,new plugs,did compression check and all is good there ,and timing is correct,new plug wires ..the car ideals fine and revs up fine and shows no codes on thinking its a sensor but which one?
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