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The car was running fine it started put put like it was not getting gas and I was pressing the gas. Put a brand new battery in had the oil changed .It has been sitting for a few years and wasn'the being driven

when my car is turned off the running lights come on also the blower stays on at times when the car is turned off

My car is cranking and shutting off and it has had 2500 dollars worth of work in it. They said the idol needed to be adjusted and something was broke on the idol adjuster so I got it fixed and now it wont crank at all the next day. It is popping up codes 0506. They cleared them out I'm hoping my car can be fixed. What could be wrong with it?

Someone cut my radio wires and im trying to put a radio in it

battery i ha e to charge on battery charger. when i crank it feeels like it wants to start but it doesnt I purchase the car for $500 knowing it wasent running and needs new fuel pump but still doesnt start

I purchased the car few days ago not running due to needs new fuel pump well we replaced it with new fuel pump and still wont start it cranks like it wants to turn on but fails.there is lots of wires that are not connected or wires just messed up the car was sitting at previous owner home on non operational for 3 years

I need to close my hood by noon

or just motor mounts its ls 3.0 4.3

starts every day, but not after sitting for several...must push on accelerator a lot, sputters and sounds like its not getting gas, finally starts, but reluctantly. then idles and runs fine.

It won't get over 60 and when I accelerate after it gets to 60 it shoots the RPMs to 4-5k and when going up hills it will shoot the rpms up and I will have to let off the gas and I end up going up hills at 30-40 mph

looked in the trunk couldn't locate it.

Had the standard clutch replaced 1 at gear was working before now doesn't go into 1at gear at all

Cleaned t body all ports on top. 170ish K. Oil lite at idle in gear. Lots of vac.

There is no leaks and the car is not running hot. It is just blowing cold air

was in shop for other repairs, shifter was found in 4wdL

My lights began to flicker, then stop working. The power windows stopped working as well. This all happened when I tried changing the battery post myself.

No exhaust leaks

Car is nocking when engine starts

I was driving up a hill one day and my car was startling almost kind of like jumping. I pulled over turned my car off then back on. Next thing I know I'm pushing on the gas pedal to keep moving up the hill but it wouldn't go and my car started to roll back down the hill. I had to have triple A come and tow back to my house. Could this be an issue with the transmission?

Ok there is a plug right in front on manifold what is it called

It keeps blowing the ECM fuse among others what could it be

Took to shop couldn't figure it out replaced idle control sensor fuel pump fuel filter and had a tune-up spent $800 on something I didn't even fix the problem

I look everywhere and i can not finf the fuel pump relay

I bought car used so the lug wrench/jack crank shift may be gone or I'm looking in the wrong place where is it??

I replace all parts and have drove over 100 miles and my check engine like did not go out do I need to drive more

but when i turn on the ac both fan works. plz explain me

Car sat for a month once I put a new battery every light on the car came on and won't go off. Tried to crank it but only tried to turn over and spits out windshield wiper fluid.

I have this Endeavor, its a fantastic vehicle and now experiencing some road noise. How do you check the wheel assemblies or what could the problem be ?

I already started the car now its running rough

At first there was a clicking sound coming from drivers front end, as you soon as you braked it would stop.