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I have cold air coming out on the driver side in the Winter.Summer I use the AC water on the driver floor board. I bought the car like this.I have flush and burp.It was running hot and smoking.Got that fixed.Please help.I was told I need a heater core.But im getting heat on the passenger side.
I drained my automatic transmission fluid, now I don't know how much fluid i need to put. Pls help.
this has never happen before. Will not shift into park and cannot take the key out.
i was driving and all the sudden my car turned off but it was marking the battery but when i tried to turn it back on it turned back on without hesitation
This happens first time after disconnecting battery for stack horn on
Mitsubishi delarship replace some valve in excause system , then battery
Yesterday I disconnected battery to fix bad connection in ground connector
Now engine going off on low rpm
RPM fluctuations between 800-300 that engine goes off
Thank you so much
Recently I've noticed I've been having to put more and more oil in my car. It just won't hold it, there's no leak at all and I've done multiple oil changes in the past month to try to fix it. Me and my bank account are basically dying at this point, if anyone knows a solution it would be very very much appreciated. Thanks! Janice.
Engine turns a lot before starting
I was at red turn green, I proceeded to accelerate that's when I heard a clunking i couldn't go forward or reverse or parked; it will only rolled back. So I had to hold the brake til an tow truck to arrived... please help
gotten the manual showing all engines but not the one I have. can not determine where the crankshaft position sensor is located. can you perhaps suggest some places to look
Went to put gas in afteer buying it and the pump at gas station keeps clicking off on me but i need gas in it cause i drove it home after buy it 59 miles
Car was fine until this morning started making a sound as if something was lose.. Parked went to drive it started up perfectly fine and while drive it stopped I tried jumping it but still nothing everything went completely dead let it sit for a couple of hours tried jumping it again and still nothing. Any idea to what is wrong
The check engine light came on for the first time since she had it could that be from a bad throwout baring putting a strain on the engine??
I was driving down the road and the transmission gave won't go into drive or reverse it's like it's in neutral.
engine suddenly stop while driving and need to restart again.
Hi! So a can of pop sprayed into my dash and now my radio screen has gone black. The radio is stuck on the station and sound it was on when it got turned off. The ac and fan and what not are all functioning properly. Just wondering if I have to replace the whole radio or if it's possible it's just short circuited and I could replace a small part in the radio...
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