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Abs and svc engine lights came on at same time. Had codes read and came back as low/reverse shift solenoid malfunction. (P1773) how can i tell if the problem is in the wiring(where would i begin?) or the solenoid itself? Should i be concerned about driving while this issue hasnt been addressed?

Turn signal and brake light work

I was driving to work and my car shut off on me. All the dash lights came on and lights were still working, but my car would not start. It makes a clicking noise when i turn the key. Im not sure if its a seized engine or something with the starter. I need help

It's on a 2002 special can I pull the steering wheel cover off and fix it that way if so how do I do it without the airbag getting messed up

is this related to remote not opening the doors or something else

Didnt start till about 30 miles later wjy is this happing

When started the P isn't lit up it shifts into Reverse and the R and the N both light up but will not shift into Drive. The D doesn't light up and the car does not try to move. It all started a couple days ago when I shifted from 2nd to 3rd manually. The check engine light came on and the D light was flashing while the car was stuck in 3rd gear. (But I could shift to 2nd manually) Tried to read the code but of course the car had a bad ground so it wouldn't display. After reading on the Internet and trying a couple things this is where I am at. Please help!

The front fog lights below will not come on and was wondering if they have another switch to use to turn on/off?

Purchased 1999 Mitsubishi Diamante. Replaced the valve cover gasket, needs brake pads/rotors/transmission fluid changed. Love the car has good power, ac very cold but the ac button dial has to be played with to change the temperature.

My car didn't pass CA's snap test (blows bluish/grey smoke when punched). I took the car to the local STAR repair shop because i qualified for the repair assistance progream. He is telling me its the o-rings which are causing it to burn oil (i only go through 1-2 quarts between oil change) He is saying i have to retire the car and the engine is toast. However, the car runs really well, except for this issue.
Any suggestions would be helpful!!

Usually the warning light (SRS) goes out within a few seconds after you start the is remaining on and I think it has something to do with the air bag system....HELP!!!!!

At cold start will misfire , hard time to turn on until warmed up

Car was wrecked on left fender.busted computer box and air breather.Replaced but won't start.

says Ecm pam. no longer available from mitsubishi. no one sales fuel sensor

I just want to know what is mean: service engine soon , because my car has a message like that on the board.

All possible causes for limp mode have been checked. The TCM has blown chip. Does the replacement TCM have to be reset or programmed by a dealer before it will work when installed

I have installed new spark plugs, a new battery, and I have installed a new cable for the shifter. I have also installed a new vehicle speed sensor.

Car will not turn over unless I move wiring harness

Suddenly overheated and engine shut off let it cool off and put coolant in it it will crank but not start, no water in oil battery is good and have a full tank of gas plz help

Driving under 40 mph and when idleing the temperature gauge just keep going up and the electric fan come on

How do I repair and trouble shoot problems with the top on a mitsubichi convertible 2001? I can only open about 1/4 of the way and right side driver side gets stuck. left side keeps on going... before it was working fine. is it a track problems or a motor problem and how do i find out?

And it won't stay crunk like it's not getting enough voltage every time I cut the Ac off car cuts off so I looked under the car and the compressor plug wasn't on so I plug it up and its still doing the same thing. Do any one know how to reset it by turning the ignition and how many times. Or if you know what's wrong I would be most thankful

some time the RPM stay in correct level with or without A/C .. but when I start drive the car and stop for Signal or other reason the RPM come up and down and suddenly the engine switchoff. . I need the suliotion of this problem and this problem there are any related of Trotter body ?

My front windshield wiper motor works but not the control card for it and it's not made for it anymore!

Mostly every morning it's a surprise when it doesn't make the noise. It goes away as soon as the car warms up, but I had a friend check it. He said it could be the lifters in the gasket not pumping enough oil when it starts up. and then I found out I have little metal fragments in my oil. This is my first car so I'm pretty clueless

The problem is on the dashboard next to the digital clock a "red key" warning light can you tell us what it means and how to correct it.