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Pump shuts off after .10 gallons that was pumped in.
The radiator is liking so I don’t whant to drive the car .
My 2017 Mini Cooper Clubman began making a very loud grinding noise while driving. The dealership made notes on the invoice: removed passenger side knee airbag cover and applied felt tape to the contact points. reinstalled components. test drove and rattle is no more. Is this correct reinstallation and will it be safe now? is applying felt tape to the contact points the correct way to fix this?
I’m not sure I got all of my info on the above question space. I had the evaporator and dryer replaced on my 08 Mini Cooper S. When I picked it up Monday, I saw the DSC light was on meaning it was deactivated. I tried pushing the button and it will not go back to activated status. He said he loosened the screws near that button. Also my blinkers will not automatically turn off when a turn is made, my steering seems to have play in it. All these years, when entering my car, I was unable to move the steering wheel before starting it. Now it will move and when idling, I can move it more freely. Also, my key does not slide in and out as free as before. The mechanic didn’t use the key to start and stop the engine, only the button. Is it possible the dash is not aligned quite right? I’m taking it back to him Thursday (tomorrow) and I’m really worried. I’m a widow, on a fixed income, and I’m very concerned about my car. I’ve never had any repairs done to it till now.
My Mini Cooper 1 won’t start l put in the key but the starter won’t start lights go on radio works, gas is there, we have a new battery but it won’t start please assist
I’m planning to buy a Mini Cooper 2010 , but the car has a check engine light on it because of the transmission leak , the car has 141 Miles, I was wondering about the estimations to get that car fix ?!!! Thanks
how to find the engine number in a mini cooper 2017 with a engine type -b36m- hard top- two doors
I have a new clutch and slave cylinder in a 2005 mini cooper non S and I've done the compress it and bleed it process and no air is coming out but I still have little to no pressure in the pedal, if I pump it I can sometimes get it to go Into gear on jackstands but it is undriveable
So I have this problem that when my Mini is idling or stopped at a light the RPM's will dip ever so slightly. There is no signs of stalling or chugging, but I get this little putter like symptom. It doesn't always happen, but it is pretty constant. If you are stopped it might happening every 15-20 seconds.

A little back story is that I have all 4 spark plugs and fuel injectors replaced a few months back and that actually rectified a more noticeable problem. This seems to be like the last little bit of my problem.

If you use a code reader I get no issues, I have no dash lights on, absolutely nothing indicating a problem. But I can tell its just not perfect. Not far off, but not exactly perfect.

My question is where do I start lol .. I've seen a couple mechanics and I have gotten no answers and I would love to fix it, but no clue where to start. Hoping you all might have some suggestions I could start with myself and conduct a little testing.

Really any advise is appreciated. TY
The heater never blows out heat unless you are sitting idling. The thermostat has been changed. The mechanic thinks it is under the dashboard.
There is no spark from the coils. It turns over but doesn’t fire. Just driving one day and got home and it wouldn’t start. I have changed the ignition coil. I reset the computer.
Engine turns over but won’t fire
No faults coming up on dash
Everything else works fine
Had a mechanic out, he plugged his computer in and found no faults, tried to start the car and it started first time
Mechanic said he had done nothing to it
Ran car for a couple of days and won’t start again
Any ideas??
My timeing belt has gone how much for a repair . Just had my cuch done 3 weeks ago do you have to take the belt off went replace the cuch .thankyiu please need help Iam confuses ????????????????????????? My car is a mini one D year is 2012 ???
Hi there,. I've owned the car for 4 years and this has never happened before. I started the car this morning, and at first I thought it might just be the fan playing up, as I put the fan speed on full blast and I heard a little "whirring" (like it was starting up) noise, then nothing, but I could feel heat coming through the vents. It's never overheated. My car also has heated seats, and they are now not working either. I haven't tried it again since I got to work, but any advice would be really appreciated.
steering pump is shot is there a recall on it
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