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with sun roof
Air bag light is on. Had the recalled sensor mat in passenger seat replaced. Airbag light stayed on. Dealer says battery positive cable needs replacing. Part# 61126942507. Will airbags still deploy?
Maybe you can help me with. I’ve got the new clutch installed
in my mini and reinstalled the gear box to the engine. Before I put the sub-frame back in I thought I'd test the gear selections and see if my install is correct. I thought If I engaged a gear I should not be able to rotate the front disc due to
the engine drag but they still rotate, what’s your opinion, should the wheel disc rotate or not? I'm concerned my installation is bad.
The front end is not out of alignment. The car drives fine, but both of my rear tires are wearing evenly on the inside.
I had the water pump on my 2006 Mini Cooper S replaced this weekend and while driving it the next day the serpentine belt came completely off. The repair shop claims that they never touched the belt to replace the water pump and are asking $150 more to replace and align the belt. Does that sound right?
Is there any way to manually close the panoramic sunroof on a mini cooper s 2007
I was getting the oil light ON when i do a hard turns and when I checked it with the dealer, he said that the car was missing a couple of quarts of oil which normal due to engine consumption of oil between oil change intervals .. is it normal that a new car consuming oil ?! and is it normal common issue in Mini Cooper cars ?
the problem is transmission oil in it burnt. check engine light is on and has transmission related codes. To replace the transmission in car will cost in the range of $2800 to $3000
is fair price ?
when I cut my a/c on my battery dies. also when i was driving my car last night i had my headlights on my car would lose a lot of power and wouldnt go past 10 mph.
Have new turbo. Torqued all bolts to spec. No apparent vaccum leaks.
First problem happens every day. Second problem happens after matting the throttle.
Hello, I have a 2003 Mini S and it's a six speed. When I push in the clutch I hear a slight whinning noise. Once I drove for about a mile it quit. What could this be a sign of? I have 130,000 miles on the car. January I put it in the shop for a total engine rebuild and front struts to the tune of 5604.00. Any ideas?
The engine is still flooding, low engine compression, and runs bad. Please help!
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