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Battery is fine. It won't spark to turn engine over, no problems previous,just stopped!! What is your opinion? Please!!!

The fuse is good it was working fine when I went to work I stopped for gas got back in and started the car> I had no blower no AC or heat. The rear defrost works and the recirc light comes on but I get nothing else.

Lately after I turn the key to the second position to turn off the engine so I can listen to some music for about 15 minutes, I then turned the key to the on position to leave and the car wouldn't start. I had to get a boost. What could this be?

My sunroof hasn't been opened in a long time. When I push the button, it raises in the rear of the sunroof and that's as far as it goes. What should I do to get it open without damaging it?

Had my a/c recharged. the unit kicks on and off but still hot air. It's leaking out near the evaporator. Could it be a hose gone bad?

needle is and always has been right in the middle at perfect operating temp, but it seems its taking longer than usual to get said my thermostat needs replaced but its not life threatening to the car right away

mini cooper 2007 common issues?

I'm in the process of buying a 2008 Mini Cooper S with 42,300 or so miles on it. I had a safety check done at a very good garage. I really don't like the local Mini Dealership. And since I'm hearing nightmare stories about timing chains and turbos going. I'm thinking I need some protection. Extended service plans seem like a joke, so I am leaning toward breakdown insurance. The dealer is offering preferred for 3 years for $1,800. But I called and they are reluctant to answer any of my questions,they said timing chains are wear and tear. I don't want to spend the next 3 years fighting with a service plan company.

Last month my 2009 mini cooper s wouldn't start.It made a strange noise, A estimate came in at $ 3,886, It has 124.500 miles. I discovered the warranty ran out at 11200 miles. The shops said it needed a timing chain,gears and tenisors. Also cylinder head gaskets,there is a oil leak as well. Really need a second opinion. On a fixed income, would it be better to by the parts an just work on labor? How much would the repair cost?

Everytime when im filling in full tank.

for thermostat,radiator cap,water pump and pipe. Then they went down to $550 and said that was cost.
engine drive $298 rear pads and rotators $570
is this a good deal and would all this be needed at 45,000 miles ? I am weary because of th reduction in price.
My heater was blowing cold and the dual vent - head and feet would not blow out of the head. All other wents worked.

I have 126,000 miles on my Mini Cooper engine. I am curious to know how much longer I will be able to drive it until it will need a new engine or taken to a junkyard.

I have a 2006 mini cooper S that won't start. The first signal of a problem was I started the car and it made a loud noise. I drove it for about a mile and turned of the A/C and the car stopped making the noise. I parked and returned an hour later and the car wouldn't start at all. Some lights came on inside but I noticed the headlights didn't come on at all. I thought that was strange if everything else did, but I turned the key once (I have a standard transmission) and the radio and other lights didn't come on which they normally do. I tried jumping my car and that didn't work, neither did a new battery. I had someone who I don't know that well check the fuses, and he told me the ignition switch fuse was blown, and without me looking, he took the FL0 50A (cooling fan switch) fuse and used that in the ignition switch fuse spot to see if the car would start. It had a little more juice but no start. He told me that when I did that, the fan switch blew (the one he just used). Now, what do I do? Wouldn't these two fuses have to both WORK in order to even know if all it was was the ignition switch fuse to begin with? Now I have to buy these two switches. The guy said that now it must be the starter. I don't know...HELP!! I don't know what it could be

I recently started my car and it made a loud sound. I drove it for about a mile, and right when I turned off the air, the sound went away. I parked the car at my destination and when I returned an hour later, the car wouldn't start at all. I have a standard transmission. Some electricity worked on the car, but the headlights would not come on at all. I found that weird because other lights came on inside. When I turned the key once, my car radio and A/C usually come on. This didn't happen. Only the interior lights came on. When I push the clutch in, the car definitely is not turning over. I checked the fuse box and the ignition switch is blown. Some guy looked at it and took the DME unit and switching unit fuse and put it in the Ignition Switch area and that fuse was blown. He said that the car should have turned over if a fuse was all it was but since it didn't, then the starter must need to be replaced. I'm thinking, do I just replace the two fuses (feed to ignition switch and the DME unit and switching unit since he blew that one when he used it and that blew)? Because couldn't it be reasonable that those two work together? And maybe he wasn't telling me the truth about it all?

ignition switch or switch unit

My MINI has vacuum pump and full flow oil filter seals oil leaks. The leaks are dripping on to the exhaust pipe. Why would this cause smoking from under the car sometimes, but not other times? Is this dangerous?

It then came back on, then went off, and the car died and would not start again. I have checked all the fuses under the hood, and the drivers side as well. All other electrical seems to work, battery is good. All the fuses were fine. Now what can I check?

hi everybody!! i need a help !! my mini cooper 2007 has codes p0700 and 5d92 speed wheel sensor! dose the wheel speed sensor ca effect to my transsm??

When I leave my mini idling for the second time this quarter the check engine light turns on. The mini still runs after that but with less power and I notice that the turbine's air release is nowhere to be heard. The last time it happened I turned it off and on and then check engine light went away with power restored. I give this car all the maintenance at the BMW dealer I bought the mini from always on time. I'm already pushing 80,000 miles... What could it be?

I have change the transmission oil twice trying to do away with erratic shifting. It seems to worsen as the transmission heats up. when it's cold it shifts just fine.
PS: the first time I replace the transmission filter as well. the was really dirty and smelled awful