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My timeing belt has gone how much for a repair . Just had my cuch done 3 weeks ago do you have to take the belt off went replace the cuch .thankyiu please need help Iam confuses ????????????????????????? My car is a mini one D year is 2012 ???
When I reached highway speed, I heard a sound like a popcorn popper coming from underneath my car. I checked for tires and anything hanging off the car and found nothing. No fluid is leaking. No warning lights are on. No smells. It shifts and turns fine.
I took it in for brakes & dealer said front brake pads were not needed. Shouldn't they have noticed? should I file a complaint? If they checked the pads they should have noticed they were on wrong on 1 side. Now I need new front rotor. Is dealer liable for some portion of repair?
Mini of Portland wants over 4k for the repairs. 85K miles with a new water pump/thermostat.
It beeps too -
Random problem. I just had spark plugs and ignition coils replaced. It had 9 error codes in computer but it still spits and sputters with engine light going on and off before it finally engages. The mechanic says it's because its old. I disagree, car has only 48,000 miles. Now what
after having it replaced by the dealer i hear noise coming from front passenger door area but only when coming to a complete stop.
Come out in morning and my window is down.....half way out a cpl inches...
the info center shows a foot on the pedal and the word 'start' after depressing clutch pedal and start button- is there a quick fix for this problem?
my mini dealer tells me: oil filter housing is leaking, turbo feed line is leaking vacuum pump and lines are leaking and quoted $2100 + tax. I want to buy genuine mini parts myself and take them to a cheaper mechanic. Where can I buy online? and any good mechanic in Chicago?
on at 80,000 miles seems to be running fine but do these cars start to have major problems at 80,000 miles
seems to be running fine has been burned a lot of oil
When door latch on club door is pulled, it does not unlatch door mechanism. Door are unlocked position, front door is open.
I got in the car and engine light was on and a code reading CC-ID 031 comes up and have lost top end power. I have mechanical skills just need to know what the code is as I recently purchased the car and have no diagnostic reader yet.

Thanks Gary
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