Mini Cooper Countryman S Questions

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Engine light on several months obd 2 code is P0507

Engine misses on acceleration but drives fine when normal acceleration
This occurred this morning Working fine on way out but nothing on way back. No display whatsoever. Could it be a blown fuse
While driving the light came on. I turned the car off. Started it again and it's still on
Just bought vehicle 3x ago. Now needs 4 motor mounts and transmission rebuild. Dealer now says this is all a new issue and is taking no responsibility. Can in fact 4 mounts and a transmission go if i only had the vehicle 3 weeks and only drove 200 miles
There doesn't appear to be any object stuck in the lock latch inside. How can I get it opened?. The key fob nor inside car buttons will to open it. They sound like they work. But the back latch won't open still. Just started doing this today. Help! Thanks so much. There doesn't appear to be a manual cable way to open like older minis.
Battery went bad, changed it, but plugged battery pack into the cig. Lighter. Not tach, speedometer, gas gauge, and turn indicator lights on panel not working. Could it be a fuse or cluster of fuses? If so which ones?
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