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codes 031 DM-LT Pump?

131 Oxygen sensor
132 Oxygen sensor

codes 149 Tire pressure
This is a 2017, never owned, dealer inventory. On the side window it had a sign that said "hail damage repairs" $6,920.96. They are taking 5k off the sticker price. However, when we went to talk numbers, the salesman brought out a 3 page listing of all the repairs for the smashed rear-end. No mention of hail. No visible signs of damage - I even looked underneath. 60 hrs of body labor, 1 hr mechanicle & 12 hrs paint labor. $2,700 parts.

When is it not a 'new car'? Is 5 k enough, cosidering it is a yr old (In service date for warranty is 11/19/2016.
I had several repairs done on my engine including replacing the oil pan gasket, oil pump, acc belt tensioner and valve cover gasket. All of the charges for parts and labor seem kosher except they charged me 11 hours of labor, over 1K to initially "remove engine and take apart to see problem." Is this legit?
Fuse and compressor are good. Tried to install radio and ac stopped working... help!
Couldn't find using estimator.
I had a question about a MINI we recently purchased. We just bout a used
2009 MINI Cooper Clubman (automatic) with only 45,000 miles on it. It had
a full tank of gas when we bought it. We accidentally have filled it twice
with 87 octane gas (not realizing it was to use a higher octane). I then took
it on a trip to Pennsylvania last weekend (about 3 hours away). I noticed it
rough idling once I got there when stooping at stop signs, lights etc. When
driving home I noticed the same, and now have had the check engine light
come on. It does not seem to do it when I first start it but after running for
awhile. I now have had it stall when sitting at stops, and have had the
check engine light come on with codes of "Random Misfire" on multiple
cylinders. Could this be related to the gas? I got down to about 1/2 a tank
left of the 87 octane, and at that point filled it with high octane, hoping that
would flush it out, but have only gone about 150 miles since then. I am not
sure if I should try to run out that tank, or if I need to get it checked out. I have error codes P0300, P0301, P0302, P0303 & P0304
the yellow check engine light was on 2 days ago
Apparently my oil was very low and now I need these things replaced- I looked up an average pricing on the website for camshaft and it said $177-218. My mechanic (who's listed on the website - AE German) quoted me $1175. Is this normal pricing? It's so expensive :,(
The owner's manual (p.145) says that vehicle electronics failed.
What is/are the electronic part(s)?
Anyone knows the answer, please advise.
Car started just fine then lights on dash started flickering. I stopped the engine and then it would not start again. Light still kept flashing.
Stalled the car this morning, backing up and then going forward. The check engine light then turned on. It's done this before but when I come back to it, usually turns off. The car today felt like it was pulsing in first gear or whenever I step on the gas. The light went from being just a minor problem (just on the small dash notifications) to a big one (where my speed shows number wise). What could be the problem? Possible transmission out? Catalytic converter? Sigh, problems.
...fine, but yellow engine light is on. any ideas? thanks...
We were told by the dealership that if the battery is removed than everything needs reprogramming which of course we would need rhe dealer to do but I sort of feel scammed? This cost $276.00 & was not covered under our extended wauranty.
Timing chain replacement interval
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