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1993 - Mercury - Tracer - Station - Wagon - been - sitting - in - back - Yard - for - about - 2 - years . . .
Was - running - fine - when - parked - there - back - in - 2016 . . (but) - now - "SMOKE" - comes - from - under - fuse - box - just - next - to - the - battery - drives - side - engine - compartment . . . Will - not - Start - now . . . May - 2018 . . .

Dave . . . (email) . . . . . .
Experienced this 2 times car acting as if it wants to shut off since I repaired a Tonering that broke on the passenger side 2 weeks ago... My car never drove with any problems like that at all... When driving the car fills like it wants to shut off
I'm hearing like a squeaking sound when driving over bumps, or when turning the wheel left. Usually can be heard a lower speeds. Was wondering if its shocks, balls joints, etc.
I can only start vehicle with remote from outside of car with doors locked. Then unlock car, put key in ignition and turn forward.
need to find the fuse (number of fuse in owners manual) for the on board diagnostic port .
wondering if anyone knows if these are still around.
The fuse that controls my power windows & interior lights in my 2006 Mercury Milan keeps blowing out. Example: I put a new fuse in on Sunday and by Wednesday it had blew out again, so I put two more fuses in that same day and they blew out. Please can you tell me what's causing this problem
Replaced starter and battery it ran for 2 weeks and went to start it and it will not engage starter to turn motor over
this is a 2002 Grand Marquis GS
Just bought the car used. the passenger air bag light is on. What do I need to worry about? Are both air bags disable? What could be the causes? Would this be an expensive fix? Is there anything I can do or try?
Since I switched out the battery, the AC blows hot air only and there is a flapping sound(like a vent door)coming from the vents inside the car passenger cabin.
2006 Mercury Mariner has alarm going off when car is parked, locked with all doors closed. Ordered sensor for right rear door. How do I change it.
Bought a car at auction and before the sale the employees test each vehicle so the this one was marked good. Now there e is a certain group that goes to the viewings so they can disable and get them at a better price. So I know the vehicle ran and moved good before the viewing but now it isn't shifting. What could have been disabled in order to cause these symptoms in this vehicle
My car will start but i have to keep trying 2 3 times before it does.. 97 mercury sable.
It will click when i first try to then when it does start sounds like it doesn't want to stay started. Can it be the starter going out? Or filter of some kind?
How do I trace a short ?
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