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Will crank like it is going to start but wont fully start. Checked the alternator, starter, ignition switch, fuel pump, fuses and battery. What else could it be?
The check engine light is on, the car also feels like it wants to stop,loud knocking noise
Before this situation developed, the engine had a problem of hesitation. Now the engine light is on. I had it tested and changed spark plugs and fuel filter and filter for intake. I still had the problem. It sputters and spits with smell of gas.
2005 Mecury Mariener how do i check to see if the compressor is working my Air Conditioner just starting blowing hot air? Also my number 3 spark plug is bad engine light is on? Could that be causing my Ac from releasing cold air?
If I'm correct both the (PCM/ECM) and CAN Bus operate together. I'm trying to find the culprit of this malfunction.The OBD2 scan detected a fault code U0100 stating there's no communication.
If I press the button on top of the steering wheel in order to turn on the hazard lights, nothing happens. Both turn signals work. 1997 Grand Marquis
what does engine fail safe mode mean
How do I fix a Compass Data Error?
Just boight a 2001 Doxge Ram 1500 and the trip odometer is out. What would that be?
Car just won't start had battery checked no problem there and friend who knows about cars pretty good listen to my car says it appears to be the solenoid when I turn the key to start the engine you can hear a tick tick tick noise coming from the fuse compartment nothing is happening at all just the tick tick noise he believes the solenoid might need to be replaced what's your thoughts and where is it located on 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis LS
driver side brake light does not work but tail light does and passenger side brake & tail works. I also changed the bulb still didn't work
The car was made road ready 5 years ago. It was a trade in so it sat only for installation of tires,oxygen sensor,plugs & wires and perhaps a few other replacement parts.Recently the throttle body was cleaned. I was told the plugs were fine,but I'm not sure when they were last changed.The check engine light is on after the car has been warmed up,idling or warmed up in winter.Fluids are checked frequently,oil & filter changed as needed.It runs fairly well for the age and mileage.No fluids leaking,private property parking so car could be moved other placed to check for leaks.What could be causing the misfiring at various speeds and engine light after warming of the engine?
I took my car to AutoZone and they put it on the machine and their machine said PCM keep alive memory voltage is too low.
Rear hatch won't open
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