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I changed spark plugs wires distributor cap rotor butten knock sensor. then had no fire comeing from the plugs changed distributor got fire still no start
My friend claims she noticed the radiator was frozen BEFORE she tried to crank tje van. however we have fire on plugs distributor and fuel pump is working . it will turn over but will not crank......
two mechanics and the ford dealer cant tell me whats wrong,I was told to take it to Nissan due to the engine.lots of stuff already replaced,let it sit a little and it will start back up.
the serp belt is there, is there another belt maybe controling water pump and pw steering that I cant see?
My van will start some times but other times it has like a slow dragging sound I guess not sure rally how to describe it but that is as close as I can when I put it in park it will idel down and die most of the time there is some times it will not but most time it does had it checked and it said it was the knock sensor was bad and my 02 sensor but I have read that it is not always those sensors that r bad anybody have any ideas on who is right ty in advance
I was told is the distributor or the distributor cap. Wich one should I get
so I put antifreeze in and it started working then quite again but there is still antifreeze. so I checked the fuses and there was a 10 fuse where there was to be a 20 so I changed and still nothing
My car was getting hot so I took it to a mechanic and he says he flushed out the water pump and when I asked him where it was because it was right on top he says now it's undeneath by the timing belt. I've never heard of that.
the van has a clunking sound now when i drive down the road, sounds like i have a flat tire, but don't! also if i let go of the wheel the van jerks to the right bad!! what's wrong???
Tried a jump,checked fuses and replaced distributor.But I am still not getting fire.The motor cranks but won't fire. Please help!!!!
I have a 1996 Mercury Villager Nautica. Added 4 quarts of transmission fluid because the stick showed it to be very low. Van will not go in reverse.
It has been shifting hard
When your driving it don't shift right or idle right when you come to a stop
When idling it misses and quickly engine does
Misses while driving
When slowing or stopping engine dies
Giving it gas helps but it still misses
Diagnostics listed knock sensor
My air filter compartment does not align and seal because the plastic side & bottom is warped. Consequently, i have large gaps on the side and bottom of it. I can even see the filter inside. Does this affect the cars performance? My car runs rough when I put it in gear (chug chug, shake like it wants to die)and sounds like it is mis-firing even at high speeds. Help please. RW
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