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For instance: im going downhill good, all at once the gas pedal isnt doing anything, then it works again, going uphill is even worse. Although, ive used my vehicke for weeks with no problem, then starts doing that again, I dont know why, I need your help.
I had been in bumper to bumper traffic on a freeway. When I got to the exit ramp oil light came on and engine began to sound like a diesel. Pulled over waited approximately 2 hours for engine to cool. Checked and oil level was fine. Started the vehicle and was driving down the road engine just it started pulled over to side of road....died..tried to start would start for a few seconds but could never get it to run long enough to move...towed
My 2002 Mercury Villager's gauge started showing that the van is over heating. We check under the hood and it doesn't feel or smell hot. It does this every time we drive it. I thought it might be a faulty gauge. Where should I start looking? I look forward to hearing from you!!
It does not happen when col but especially when I get out on the highway it starts to happen. I have replaced a the fuel filter and and put gas additive in to clean the injectors and it did not help. What should I be looking at?
I tried setting the belt on the marks, but still comes out the same...the crank is steady on...reversed it several times and still same result.
Sensor Circuit is open, shorted to ground and is damaged. What should I do to repair it and what parts do I need?
cut off while driving , not out of gas, rotor is turning , changed fuel filter got some black stuff out of it, getting a small spark out of plugs
i pulled starter cover off the exhaust and couldn't find any video on youtube of where it might be is this engine nissan
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